Lots of Spots

Dapper pups coming though y’all! I love, love when I see pups in bowties and I love it even more when the pup is my dog! Check out how cute Pharrell is in these amazing Lots of Spots Dog Boutique bowties!

Lots of Spots is a pet apparel boutique started by Alysson & Kylie! They have designed the cute AF Etsy store to keep the most active dogs looking comfy, cozy, hip and of course active! They want pups to be able to explore this amazing earth we live in without any restrictions on their style!


Lots of Spots products are meant to stay out of your fur-babies way as the run and play in at the dog park, fields, mountains, backyard or in my case the crazy streets of New York City! Kylie and Alysson want our pups to have fun, while us #dogmoms get to brag about how good they look!

We have 3 AMAZING and DAPPER bowties and to say I love them in an understatement! The quality is honestly amazing! I have had some bow ties in the past that have legit fallen off of Pharrell’s collar, but I will not have to worry about that every happening with LOS!

They don’t only have bow ties, they also make flowers for your girly pup, along with scarves and collars! Another amazing thing I love about them is their prices!!!!!!

Collars: $12.95

Bowties: $5.95

Flowers: $5.00- $7.95

Flower Collars: $17.95

Leads: $17.95

Scarves: $10.00 – $16.00

Make sure you head off to Lots of Spots Etsy shop and stock up on some good!

Lots of Spots Boutique

IG: @Lotofspots


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