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What is better than Hawaii, bandanas and puppies? Um, yea I agree….NOTHING! Maipup has brought all of this happiness to both you and me with the power of Etsy! Her bandanas are so freaking cute, like I’m praying that she starts making things for me wear too! I am obsessed! But for now, Pharrell and Rosie will get all the perks of this amazing company!

Allie started Maipup about 2 years ago as a way for her to combine two of her biggest passions: design and my love for dogs. Allie has background in fine arts and interior design and knew that she wanted to combine the two passions that are seemingly unrelated. Allie started making bandanas because she loved to mix patterns and create different combinations to show off the many, amazing personalities of dogs.

When Allie began Maipup, she knew that wanted her company to help support a cause that would make a difference in the lives of dogs. It wasn't until the passing of her beloved 15 year old girl, Maile, last year that she found what that cause would be. Maile was the light of life and everything to Allie. She battled and beat cancer two separate times (adrenal and colon) but wasn't able to overcome what her veterinarian believed was a tumor on her brain. After her passing, Allie got a letter in the mail that informed her that the veterinarian had made a donation to the Morris Animal Foundation in honor of Maile's life. Never hearing of this foundation previously, she did her research and discovered that they help fund scientific studies that search for cures for cancer in canines among many other animals. SheI was so touched and instantly knew that this was the cause that she  wanted Maipup to support.

Since Allie  was young she always wanted a dog. When she was 13 she finally was able to have one of her own, Maile. She is what made Allie truly fall in love with dogs and all that they are. She has learned many things from my dog including what it means to be brave, to have courage, to be compassionate, and what it means to love unconditionally. Allie loves dogs because they epitomize what love is. They have a heart unlike any other as they can understand and love you, for matter what. You have a true companion in a dog. And I would have to say I 100% agree!

I highly suggest checking out Allies amazing shop on Etsy! Get ready to fill up your online shopping cart!


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