Mars Dogs

Spring is here!!!! Thanks Jesus! We have been waiting for this glorious weather here in New York City for months and months and months, and it has decided to show up! Now that sweet spring is here, it's time for a closet switch out for both me and the pups! We are putting all of their fall flannel bandanas and whiter white bow-ties away and pulling the flower and pineapple prints! The best part about this whole thing is getting to bring out their beautiful Mars Dogs flower collars. With flower crowns being such a huge trend with us humans, us Gal’s totally need our pups to be apart of this as well!

We came across Mars Dogs, and they blew our mind with their amazing and fabulous collars, that we just knew were going to be obsessed from that point on.

Alean and her mom Victoria are both huge pet lovers and few years ago they got so lucky to take two amazing puppies Mars and Emma and give them a FURever home. Both Emma and Mars are the inspiration for these unique and beautiful dog collars. All of the collars are made of the highest quality leathers and decorate with fabric and foamiran flowers. Each flower is completely handmade and no two look the same!

These amazing and unique flower collars range in price from $27 - $55, they also offer amazing matching leashes. Mars Dog is the perfect accessory for your four legged flower girl at your wedding, to that photo shoot with your pup that you have been planning for months, or just a little something to make your sweet girl feel special for the day! Make sure to check out Mars Dogs on Etsy and make sure that your fur-baby is up to trend and ready to step into spring!

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