Mixed Matched Collars and Leashes

You know the old saying “your shoes & your belt have to match”? Well, I don’t know if I completely agree with that “fashion rule”.  I mean, I love to wear my skinny leopard print calf hair belt with my pointy toe Zara heels! So for the most part, no thank you. But when it comes to Pharrell and Rosie’s collars and leashes, you better believe we be matching at all times!

There is something about them matching that just makes me feel better about the day. You know, like the feeling you get when your bra and panties match! If you have a mixed matched collar and leash right now, trust me…. it’s worth the purchase to have a nice, matching set!

I have pulled together some of my favorite combos, all from the small companies that we love! Take a look at how amazing all these are and go grab yourself a set! Or if you’re anything like me… grab a few! You know it’s always good to have a variety!