Mothball Charlie Pet Portraits

Okay, let’s just start off on what a boss Mothball Charlie is! I look pet portraits, but she just blows it out of the park! I am Pharrell and Rosie look so freaking great, I can’t get over it!


Denise is the hand behind this beautiful work! She got the unique name of her shop because her grandfather named her first dog, who was a Maltese, Mothball Charlie. The name has stuck with her ever since. Denise is an abstract painter, who is killing the game!


She does not only do dog portraits, but she also does other abstract art, and has a great blog on art and interior design that I am also obsessed with. But her dog work, is obvi why we are so crazy about her, they way she can mix the love of a pups eyes with the beauty of abstract art is amazing! Her love for pups, started with she was little girl! She has always had several dogs growing up, starting with Mothball Charlie.

If you are looking to get a new great art piece for you home, make sure that you dog is involved and get a portrait from Denise! You will love love love it! I can tell you how many compliments I have gotten on the one she did of Pharrell and Rosie. Also, Christmas is coming up and if you are looking for the perfect gift for the #dogmom in your life, make sure you check Mothball Charlie out!

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