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When it comes to choosing the right food for your dog, it can be so overwhelming as all of us know! And with more and more new companies popping up, it makes the choices even harder! We have recently just came across My Ollie. And when I tell you this is the real deal, please believe me! We are totally obsessed.

Ollie just launched this October and taking over the market already! Ollie is a human grade dog food company that is based out of New York. All the food is cooked in a real kitchen with with real food and real people doing the cooking. All the food has no artificial flavors, is corn, soy and grain free! All the meat that is used is USDA-regulated meat, fairly sourced produce and all-natural superfoods to make their vet-formulated recipes. The food is cooked at a low temperature so that nutritional value is preserved!

  My favorite thing about Ollie, is that the tell exactly how much food to give your dog, all determined on their lifestyle, breed and size. Not all dogs are the same as we all know, so why would they all eat the same amount of food. It helps so much with their weight, age, allergies, energy levels and all over health when you start feeding them the correct amount of food a day. Along with creating a personalized plan for your pup, you also get a customized scoop so feeding the right amount is easy. Ollie states that it might seem like the portions may seem big, but real food takes up more room, and to think of it as eating a salad instead of taking a multivitamin!

Another freaking amazing thing about Ollie, is that they donate a part of their company revenue to help nourish less fortunate dogs at pet shelters and rescue groups until they find their forever homes.

Ollie’s recipes are vet-formulated and gently cooked to preserve the right amount of nutrients. Made using 98% natural, human-grade ingredients and 2% supplements, the food is fairly sourced and prepared in a USDA inspected and FDA regulated facility, alongside human food that is sold at top tier retailers. Ollie’s chicken and beef recipes are full of the vitamins and amino acids that dogs need and are missing from most human-grade pet food.

Small dogs: $3 a day or , $42 a box

Medium dogs: $5 a day, $70 a box

Large dogs: $7 a day, $100 a box

 We had the amazing opportunity to attend the Ollie Launch Party, and to say these people are passionate about this product is a huge understatement. The amount of work and love that went into this pop-up Ollie Kitchen as mind blowing. I was blown away with everything that went into it!          

If you are looking into changing your dog’s kibble for some of the real deal food, please make sure you check out Ollie, you will be just as blown away as me!

Order today and get your first box 50% off!!!!! 

My Ollie

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