Our Top Picks for New Puppy Baby Mamas

Congratulations! If you’re reading this article, I think it’s safe to assume that your life just got a whole lot better with the recent addition of a new puppy. Yay, puppies!


Or, if you’re reading this article in search of a great gift idea for a friend or family member who recently got a new puppy – congrats to you still!


Whether you’re welcoming a new pup into your home, or just into your life through a loved one, you are one lucky dog (see what we did there?!) because you are about to embark on a relationship of unconditional love and happiness.


The only downside is those razor sharp puppy teeth, but then again: PUPPY BREATH! So, it all evens out in the end.


Welcoming a new pupper into your world is cause for celebration, and what better way is there to celebrate than with a lovely gift?! Not sure what to get your favorite new puppy baby mama? No need to whine about it, we’ve got the perfect gift guide for you here!



Image Source: Uncommon Goods


Dog Nose Print Necklace

This gift gives us all the feels. A dog’s nose is arguably one of the cutest parts of its body (don’t @ me) – it’s tiny, it’s wet, and it’s always on the hunt for a good sniff. To me, there’s nothing more adorable than watching my Bailey’s curious nostrils hunt around the kitchen when we’re cooking chicken (or rice or popcorn). And now, you can literally play “gotchur nose” with your pupper by wearing their nose print on a custom necklace!


These custom dog nose print necklaces are handmade in Pennsylvania. Using a non-toxic molding kit, you create the impression of your sweet pupper’s nose, and send it to artist Kaleen Wolfe to create a one-of-kind sterling silver necklace honoring your pup! 

Image Source: Jenna Greco

Image Source: Jenna Greco

  Custom Dog Socks

This is a great gift for new puppy baby mamas and daddies alike! Order a pair of custom socks, imprinted with the adorable face of your little pupper. I personally love PupSocks, as they have plenty of designs to choose from and an easy online ordering process.


Our Boxer girl Bailey ordered a pair of these for her dad last Christmas, and he absolutely loved them. Now, he no longer needs to scroll through endless photos on his phone to show her off to his co-workers, he can simply lift a pant leg for all to admire how wonderful she truly is (yes, she truly is). Plus – they’re a great conversation starter: “What’s that on your socks?” “Why I’m glad you asked!”


Image Source: Jenna Greco and Jack Sjogren


Personal Pet Portrait

There are plenty of options online for custom pet portraits, but my personal favorites are those by illustrator Jack Sjogren. Not just because I went to high school with him (pretty cool dude), and not just because he first started creating custom pet portraits to help pay for vet bills for his rescue pup who he discovered had advanced pneumonia (and then donated the extra funds to other pups in need), but also because his portraits are dang cute. There is a charming playfulness and refreshing simplicity to all of Sjogren’s illustrations, especially in his pet portraits. I’d give them four paws way up.


Image Source: PAWfect Paintings

Image Source: PAWfect Paintings

Custom Dog Ornament

Dogs make all holidays better – that’s just a fact. And Christmas is no exception to that rule. Help your new fur baby mama celebrate their first Christmas with their pup by gifting them a custom dog ornament. You can get ornaments featuring their names, ornaments that give you the option to insert your own photo – or even custom ornaments with their puppy’s face hand-painted on the glass, like this ornament by PAWfect Paintings.


Each PAWfect Paintings glass ornament is hand-painted with love by Wisconsin-based artist Jacqueline Fisher. Simply send her a high quality picture of your pup, and specify whether you want text on the ornament as well. She also does pet portraits, if her style resonates with you. But be sure to check deadlines for holiday orders, to make sure you get it in time to gift!


Source: Dear Bailey

Source: Dear Bailey

Dog Art Print

If you don’t want to go the route of a full-on custom pet portrait, there are plenty of other dog art options you can gift to help your new puppy baby mama decorate their home! For a more reasonably priced gift, consider a dog-themed digital art print, like this You, Me, and the Dog Makes Three art print we created at Dear Bailey just for new puppy baby mamas. Simply purchase and download the digital art file, and then print at home on a thick stock paper – or take the file to your local print shop. Easy!


Image Source: Furbo

Image Source: Furbo

Dog Camera

If you’re a working dog mom like me, there are days when your pupper is home alone for a period of time. And if you’re a worrying dog mom like me, this can make you anxious! A dog camera makes a great gift for pawrents, especially new puppy baby mamas who may have a mischievous pupper at home. To keep an eye on my Bailey girl while I’m away, I leverage an indoor camera that is built into my home’s security system. But if you don’t already have that option, fret not – there are plenty of dog cameras available to help you check in on your pup during the day.


Consistently recommended by Amazon, Safety.com, and Mashable, the Furbo Dog Camera is a widely used option. Using the Furbo app, you can check in on your dog any time of day (hello, night vision!), receive bark and selfie alerts, reward your pup with treats, and even talk to them. A quick search online will provide plenty of alternative options and price ranges, such as PetChatz or Petzi. But be sure to check the online reviews first!



Image Source: FriendshipCollar


Matching Collar and Bracelet

You may have seen them on Instagram, and longed for your own matching collar and bracelet for you and your pupper, and girl, I don’t blame you! These things are too adorable. If human baby mamas can having matching outfits with their little ones, why can’t you have a matching outfit with your doggo? Well, now you can!


One of my favorites is the FriendshipCollar – inspired by old school human friendship bracelets, but with an animal twist. There are so many adorable options to choose from – one for practically every puppy baby mamas’ style. Plus, for each sale, a food donation is made to animal shelters throughout the United States. Fashionable and philanthropic – how fabulous!


Got another gift idea that you think is doggone adorable for new puppy baby mamas? Let us know in the comments below!

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Jenna Greco is a Tampa native and the founder of Dear Bailey, a pet-focused business that creates unique art prints and pet accessories to help pawrents celebrate what makes their fur babies truly special. To learn more, visit dearbailey.com.