New Puppy Must Haves

My life is 80% contemplating whether to get another dog or not. Sometimes when I get really weak, I just drag myself to SOHO and do a little shopping to try and get rid of the bug. That was  working until about 5 days ago. I mean I can only buy so many pairs of black jeans from Zara, right? So here’s what happened. My boyfriend and I have been going back and forth for about 6 months now on weather or not to get another dog (for Pharrell ovi). And the stars just seemed to line up over the past week. Short backstory; my handsome BF was going to get me a puppy for my birthday that was in October, the puppy he was going to get was from a breeder and she was so cute, but we just couldn’t get a dog from a breeder no matter how cute she was, so we decided to move on. Then last week, we saw on facebook that one of the pups was up for adoption now! She was a blue merle border collie and 7 months old, I called right away but was about 1 hour too late. The next day as I am walking into my Barry’s Bootcamp class I get a text from the lady, saying that the sister of the pup I wanted to adopt the day before, her owners had just called and said that they have to give her up because they are moving (people, SMH) and that if I wanted her, she was mine!!! So after a 4 hour drive to upstate new york, we now have a 1 year and 7 month old BC along with a 7 month old red merle BC! I know, I know two border collies in New York City, I must be crazy, right? The answer is YES, crazy in love with my dogs!  Her name is Rosie (I mean come on, my last name is Rose) and her birthday is 8 days after Pharrell’s! So our family of 3 has now become a family of 4!



Meet Rosie Rose-Marcai! The newest member to Gal’s Best Friend! Her and Pharrell will be bringing you all the best from NYC!

For all of you girls out there who are waiting for the stars to line up for you just like they did for me, this post is for you!

The moment you decide to adopt that sweet baby, you kinda forget all of the things that go into getting a new fur-baby! Especially if you are a first time dog mom, get ready to go shopping! Here are a few of the essentials we pulled together for your new fur-baby that will be taking over your house and heart!


1 Puppy pads!!!!! These things are the best and worst things ever made! Make sure you buy in bulk because you will be going through them faster than your favorite bronzer. They are great for a fresh puppy, that hasn’t had all his shots and can’t really go outside that much (city dogs).  Also as I am sure you will learn and might already know, change them as much as you can, or else….you will leave the house smelling like…. well not Chanel Number 5. Thankfully Rosie was house trained, another great thing about adopting a dog, sometimes you get lucky and  someone else has already taken care of these things!

Puppy Pads

2 TOYS! Puppies are very energetic and want to play all the time! So it is a good idea to have as many toys are you can, as they will chew through them in no time. When P was a pup, we had a toy in almost every inch of our apartment, for easy access for us to reach to stop that cute puppy bark as fast as we can!

Toile Bone Dog Toy

3 Puppy Shampoo, let’s face it, puppies smell soooooo good! Well at least I think they smell like what heaven is going to smell like! I LOVE puppy smell! But, they do need a bath every now and then! Organic Oscar has great puppy shampoos to check out!

Organic Oscar

4 Chew toys, are a must!!! Beware of the puppy teeth! They like to chew on any and everything, and will do it on whatever they can find. So it’s best to have something for them, before they make it to your favorite shoes or that new bag you just got.

Leather Dog Toy

5 This one is a no brainer, but I just thought it was super cute and wanted to add it! And who knows, maybe someone out there thought that you didn’t have to get a dog bowl and that dogs used our dishes…. which my dog might do sometimes!

Artisan Fossil Double Dog Feeder

6 I get it, some people aren’t into having dogs sleep in the bed with them, as for me… it’s more like the bed is Pharrell’s and anyone else is a guest. For you gals out there that don’t want puppy hair all over your IG ready bed, then make sure you have some soft blankets for your pup to snuggle up in on a chilly night, also great to lay out on the couch to help with hair as well!

Dog Blankets

7 Just another really cute toy, that went with my color scheme here 

Cute Turtle

8 The real must have on the list is your leash and collar! Make sure you get a tag with your pups name and your phone number on it! I also have two other numbers on Pharrell’s and Rosie’s, just incase someone can’t reach me. I also love this set from Beast & Babe, they have a lot of different options! Tip: wait till your pup is full grown before spending more than $30 on a collar and leash, they grow faster than a baby!

Beast and Babe

9 POOP bags! Gotta love to hate them! But since we have to pick up after our little fur-babies once they can go outside and potty, we might as well be pulling those little black bags out of a stylish holder, right? And where better to go then Henri Bendel to get the job done!

Henri Bendel

10 Even Pharrell has a dog bed, that he uses maybe 3 times a month, but hey, when he does use it HE LOVES IT! Like… I really have no idea why he doesn’t sleep in it every night. Dog beds also just look so cute in your bedroom or living room! There are so many cute, chic beds out there that fit in perfectly with any home decor! Check out our post on the best dog beds to help you find the perfect one for you new love! Pharrell has agreed to pass his bed down to his new sister Rosie AKA she is not sleeping in the bed with us if he has anything to do with it. I’ll let y’all know how that ends up in the long run. My bet is that I will be upgrading my queen to a king pretty quickly.

Charley Chau Bed

11 Lint rollers, are my life. One in my bathroom, one by the front door, one in the kitchen, in my purse, in my gym bag and at my desk. Unless you have a goldendoodle then make sure you are stocked up on these!

Lint Roller

12 Oh the crate! I hated using this, like really made me want to cry having to put P in here when he was little. But it was the only way to potty train a puppy in my four story walk up in the city. I am so happy that I got one and did this, and it made me more upset than it ever made him. He actually liked going in there. Make sure you get one that isn’t too big for you pup, and doesn’t gives them room to go potty in there!

Dog Crate

13 Puppy food! There are so many choices for your new pups food, make sure you do your research and you know exactly what you are giving them!

Puppy Food

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