New York City Dog Parks

When I decided to get Pharrell, I knew that it was going to be a lot of work. I knew going in that I wasn’t getting a “normal, girly” dog, I was getting a border collie. They are known for their high energy levels and for being the smartest dog breed out there. With all of this knowledge going in, I knew I was going to be spending all my extra time with him and I was going to have to give up a few Barry’s Boot camp & Flywheel classes a week, but I was okay with that, because I mean LOOK at him! Also I knew we were going to be super active, and I also knew if  we weren’t, then my new Henri Bendel bag would no longer have a strap, and my favorite Walter Steiger heels would probably be missing a heel, if P was left at home with nothing to do day after day. With all of this being said and being in a HUGE city, our saving grace in the dog park and the best dog park of all Central Park! We spend ALL of our time at a dog park or in CP, and I don’t mind it at all! I have met so many new people and I love spending time with Pharrell and seeing him so happy. It also helps when I can talk some friends into coming to the dog park with me and bring a couple to go cups of vino!


Below are ALL the parks in the city! I have divided them up by uptown, midtown and downtown so it is easier to navigate when planning a trip to the park! Pharrell and I have been to about 20 of the below and by the end of the year I plan on making it to them all! (post to come)

Some of our favorites are Washington SQ Park, Thompson SQ Park, Madison SQ Park, Hudson River park in Chelas and of course the mother ship of them all Central Park! I hope this helps out the next time you and pup are going stir crazy in your apartment and you can get out and get active with your pup!

There are also 28 dog parks in The Bronx, 36 in Brooklyn, 23 in Queens & 19 in Staten Island!


Central Park Off-Leash Area

hough there are no enclosed dog runs, there are 23 particularly dog-friendly areas scattered throughout the Park.

Carl Schurz Park Dog Run

East End Avenue to East River from Gracie Square (East 84th Street) to 89th Street

East River Esplanade

East River at 63rd Street

Fort Tryon Park Dog Run

Margaret Corbin Drive

Ft. Washington Park

165th Street & Riverside Drive

Highbridge Park

Amsterdam and Fort George avenues

Inwood Hill Park Dog Run

Seaman Avenue & Isham Street

J. Hood Wright Park

Fort Washington & Haven Avenues, West 173rd Street

Marcus Garvey Park

Madison Avenue and East 120th Street

Morningside Park

Morningside Avenue between 114th and 119th streets

Riverside Park

Riverside Drive at West 72nd, West 87th, West 105th

St. Nicholas Park

St Nicholas Avenue to St. Nicholas Terrace, West 128th to West 141 streets

Theodore Roosevelt Park

Central Park West at West 81st Street

Thomas Jefferson Park

East 112th Street and FDR Drive



De Witt Clinton Park Dog Run

West 52nd Street & West 54th Street, between 10th & 11th avenues

Hudson River Park (North Chelsea)

Pier 84 at West 44th Street

Peter Detmold Park

West of FDR Drive, between East 49th & East 51st streets

Robert Moses Park

41st & 42nd streets at 1st Avenue



Chelsea Waterside Park Dog Run

11th Ave and 22nd Street

Coleman Oval Park Dog Run

Pike and Monroe streets

Corlears Hook Park Dog Run

Cherry Street and Jackson Street

Fish Bridge Park

Dover Street, between Pearl & Water Street

Hudson River Park  (Greenwich Village)

Leroy Street at the northeast corner of Pier 40

Madison Square Park

Madison Avenue to 5th Avenue between East 23rd Street & East 26th Street

Tompkins Square Park

1st Avenue to Avenue B, from East 7th to East 10th streets

Union Square Dog

15th Street & Union Square West

Washington Square Park

5th Avenue, Waverly Place, West 4th Street, between McDougal & Thompson streets,