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Calling all #dogmoms it is almost Christmas time! Also known as, what the heck are we going to get everyone on our list! If you have any dog lovers on your list of if you haven’t gotten yourself a Christmas gift yet, well then we have the perfect answer for you…. Niki Little Pet Illustrations! Check out how beautiful this art work she did of Pharrell and Rosie! I am obsessed!

Niki has loved illustration since she was just a kid, and I am so happy she followed her passion! She got into pet portraits when a co-worker asked if she could paint a portrait of her sisters pups! Nikki surprised herself at how great it turned out and then slowly started to get more and more request of these watercolor masterpieces of people fur-babies!

Custom pet portraits are $75 and totally worth every penny! The thing I love most about her portraits is how lifelike and whimsical they are at the same time. Also check out these cute AF Christmas ornaments along with some many other great products!!

As a kid, Niki grew up with every can pet under the moon! To her, Dogs, are more than amazing companions, and their love and loyalty as no end, as all of us #crazydogladies know! They are adorable, funny, cuddly and intelligent! Some of her favorite memories are seeing her dogs and her 4 year old curled up in bed together!


 If you have a dog lover or two on your Christmas list, then make sure that you check out Ellie B Little on Etsy! You will be the best santa in the hood! And while you are getting one for your dog crazed friends and family, make sure you get one of your fur-baby as well!

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