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There is nothing more I love more than Christams, well besides my dogs. And being able to not just spend Christmas with my fur-babies but also make them a part of it, makes my puppy lovin heart smile. By making them part of it I mean, totally making them 100% apart of it. From their not-so ugly Christmas sweaters from Petsmart, to dog-friendly holiday cookies, to even the Christmas tree. That’s right, my tree is 150% dog themed from top to bottom. And my favorite part about the whole tree is at the bottom, of course. The gifts! This year all of our gifts are wrapped in custom paper by Noble Friends. Yup, just take a look at how cute it is! Pharrell, Rosie and Rumba’s faces all over! I mean, I don't even want to open the gifts!

Not only is Noble Friends Shop killing in the Holiday game, but she is giving dog lovers everywhere something to be excited about all year long. They are providing everything from custom pillows, and tote bags to blanket, mugs, jackets, sweatpants and more.

                                                                              How did you get started?

I started by doing this on the side of my graphic design business for friends , family and clients and by word of mouth people kept ordering from me!

Tell us about your pups! I have a shih tzu Maromi, she’s 9 years old and my bestie. She loves to hang out in my office while I work! She was born in the winter and is very much a snow dog. Loves to play in fresh powder!

Any others that influence your work?

Honestly, this business I am so focused on me and my vision that I really do not check out what others are doing. I DO admire other pet artist but we are all so different. I think thats exciting!

What keeps you inspired?

My customers, their pets, what they order, the fun color combinations, the pets personalities, the names of the pets. I LOVE IT ALL! Its really fun to take something people LOVE as part of their families and make it into their own personal work of art that is going to be in their home. It's so exciting for me as an artist and pet lover!

If you are looking for the PAWfect gift for all the dog lovers in your life, or just the PAWfect wrapper paper then please check out Noble Friends Shop for all your puppy gift dreams! 

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