NomNomNow: The first look!

We gals are so excited to try one of the new and upcoming leaders in the human-grade dog food industry! With more and more truth coming out about what is going into the mass made kibble that we have been feeding our fur-babies for decades, the more and more companies with good intentions are coming out. This makes us really excited!  

NomNomNow; what is it?

Nom Nom Now is a human-grade cooked meal plan for your pup and their exact needs. NomNomNOW was founded in 2015 in the Bay Area of San Fran! Their goal is to be right up there with the best of the best in the market. The fresh, restaurant-quality ingredients and ease of ordering is what sets them apart. All meals are cooked fresh every week in the NomNomNow kitchen then proportioned and tailored to every dog's need.

Signing Up & Our First Box!

I was so excited to arrive home and see our NomNomNow box on our front door step! It was way bigger and heavier than I thought it’d be. And that’s because the packaging was thorough to make sure the food stayed super fresh! Abbie and Gunner knew something good was inside. They got SO stoked when I cut open the box. They dug in themselves and started licking the packages of food! LOL.

We also received samples of all the other flavors so we started with those that night! They. ate. every. bite. They loved each and every sample flavor!!! We ordered the Turkey flavor because Gunner tends to have a sensitive tummy, and I thought that’d be the easiest for him to transition to.

Let me just tell you, he has had ZERO issues with this food! No runny, smelly poop. No gas or vomiting. No upset tummy. It’s a miracle!!! He’s doing FANTASTIC ON IT!!!!! Abbie, of course, is also doing great on the food! She doesn’t tend to have tummy issues though, so Gunner was the real test.

We’ve started a routine, which we’ve never had before. When I get up in the morning, we make them their breakfast and they eat while I eat. They go straight to the fridge to watch me pull out their NomNomNow. I simply open their pre-portioned packages and place them in their separate bowls, heat for about 20-30 seconds, then serve! THEY GO INSANE FOR THIS FOOD! They are little savages when eating it. LOL. It’s quite funny actually!

So let’s go back to the ordering experience. Signing up was so simple! The NomNomNow website is very easy to navigate and the information tab is easy to understand and fill out, that way your dog gets exactly what he/she needs. And if you have any questions, their Customer Service is awesome and responsive. They want to make sure your pup (and you) have the best experience possible! After signing up, it took us about 4 days to receive our first order.

Keep an eye out for the next post in a few weeks! We’ll update you on how the pups are enjoying NomNomNow! To get started now sign up here and get 50% off!