NomNomNow: The final thoughts!

If you have been following our journey with NomNomNow then you already know that we are totally obsessed with them! Our pups have consumed the whole 30 days and it’s not surprise that we have confirmed to ourselves that we really are obsessed; both humans and pups! If you missed our last two posts check them out here & here! Below is a recap on who NomNomNow is, how they work, and why we love them so much!


Just a little background on NomNomNow! The story started with a pair of sweet mini Aussies, Harlee & Mim, and a few crazy dog lovers in the heart of San Francisco! Founders Alex, Zach, and Nate, all grew up as pet owners, but through college and the time after, pups didn’t find a way into their lives. In early 2013, after coming across half-sisters Harlee & Minn, the trio adopted the duo and the rest was history! Following the adoption of the sweet sister, the research started for the perfect dog food. They found nothing but the same old dry kibble and canned dog food and at that point, they knew they had to do something. The recipe experiments started and they began delivering the fresh food to their family and friends. At this point, they knew they had something really special. After finding out that Harlee had an immune issue, they had her on this fully fresh diet and started to see her health rapidly improve!! They brought on an expert nutritionist, Dr. Justin Shmalberg, to make sure they were doing all they could do to give her everything she needed.

All of the NomNomNow recipes are made fresh every week with restaurant quality ingredients, gently cooked, and delivered to pups all over! Today, NomNomNow is in all 48 states! 

How NomNomNow works:

First, create an account on NomNomNow, and give them all the juicy deets on your fur-baby!

Second, they start to prep your pup’s food!

After that, they perfectly portion each meal to your babe’s needs, weight, and activity level!

Then, it shows up at your door and ready for you to load into the fridge!

Finally, be your pup's favorite human every day and every night!

Make sure you SIGN UP today!