NYC Doggie Date

There is nothing I love more than going on dates! And when I say this I mainly mean dates with my main squeeze, Pharrell. I love to be outside with him, to explore this crazy city that we live in. It’s also nice when I have my super hot boyfriend with me to carry Pharrell’s poop bags. Nothing is hotter than a man who cleans up after my pup!

We live in the Upper East Side of Manhattan right now [I know, so Gossip Girl (just without the Park Ave apt, but whatever)!] and before this, we lived downtown in Chelsea; which was AMAZING. We could walk anywhere and everywhere!

People ask me all the time, “How do you keep Pharrell busy and what do you do without big fields for him to run wild in and be a ‘normal high-energy dog’?”…. Umm hellllllo?! Central Park! But when he isn’t being a “normal dog” in the best dog park in the world, we keep ourselves very busy!

I have made two different “Puppy Day Dates” below, one for you Upper East Siders & one for the cool kids Downtown! Enjoy!

Hello Upper East Siders


As most of us know, on Saturdays in the city, when the weather is the perfect outfit weather….. we brunch. And by ‘we’ I mean your best friends, your man, and of course your fur-child. My favorite place in the UES for a great cheap brunch would be The Meatball Shop (just google it, you will understand). After we scarf down our amazing meals and a pitcher of “Fool-Aid Punch” and about 46 pictures later of Pharrell with our food, it’s time to walk off what you just ate as well as what you drank from the night before.

Disclaimer: I would recommended this date on either the 1st or the 15th of the month, if you get what I’m sayin, because we are about to hit Madison Ave.

Madison Ave, is one of my favorite streets in the city. I love going into all of the amazing stores and daydreaming about the day I WILL be shopping here on the reg. Sometimes that 15 block radius gets the best of me and I end up having to take the subway and eat ramen for the next month. But totally worth it. One of the best things about all of these stores is that they ALL let Pharrell embark on my shopping habits with me… And to say he loves it, is an understatement. I mean, getting loved on by cute sale girls in every store we go in and then getting doggie treats in most of them? What more could a pup ask for?

After our Madd Ave party, which is on the way to Central Park (that’s how I justify it to my boyfriend and wallet) we hit the beloved land of happiness for any dog in the world. My boyfriend and I have found the best places in the park for P to run wild in after his ball. There is a hill right behind the Belvedere Castle that is quiet and usually has seldom people. The hill is HUGE and is great for fetch with the Chuck It. P gets a lot of exercise over there, which means a full night’s sleep for everyone involved. There is also another great place we love to go with P that we just found a few months ago. Its called the East Meadow, it is located on 97th Street and 5th Avenue. During the summer, we absolutely love to go to Sheep’s Meadow or the Great Lawn. We take an oversized sheet for all of us to fit on, as we lay out, eat cheese, drink wine, turn up some Bieber on the iDock and throw the ball for hours on end with Pharrell.


After we are finished at the park, we head back to our neighborhood and stop at the Barking Dog for some lunch and/or dinner. They are an amazing cafe that is dog friendly and everything is centered around our little fur-babies.

As the sun starts to set, we head to our last stop, which is Carl Schwartz park on 86th and East End Drive. They have a great dog park that is right on the east river, so as Pharrell gets his last burst of energy out for the day, we can watch the sun set and upload all the IG pics we took.


Downtown Lovers

Well, let’s start with brunch again (I don’t want anyone to go hungry). There are so many great places downtown with great outdoor areas for you and your pup. One of my favorites is WILD. It is in West Village and is an all organic and gluten free joint with the BEST pizza! After we have a few glasses of our favorite wine and take down the “white” pizza, it’s time to get this day date started!


There are a lot of great dog parks downtown as well, it just all depends where you are and where you are planning on going after. From WILD, I like to either go to the dog park in Chelsea on the Westside Highway and 23rd, the Hudson River dog park, or Washington Square dog park. All are great choices, but my pick would be WSP. This dog park is bigger than the others and there are more big dogs at this park. Time and time again, Pharrell turns into the dirtiest dog there and I just don’t understand how he does that every. single. time. It’s like he sees a pile of mud and thinks, “yep, mud bath it is” . Pharrell love this park so much that I have to lure him out of the park with a ball. After a successful luring, we head on to the next part of our date.

We usually head to the shops in West Village and/or Soho (again, it just depends where you plan on going after). After walking the streets of West Village, which is usually our choice (less tourist), and going into some shops for P to get his flirt on with everyone, we start to head back North.

I am usually wanting some kind of food by this point, so we head to Madison Square Park, which is one my favorite areas in the city. On the walk here, we get to stroll through Union Square as well, so it’s always nice to stop at the Farmer’s Market and pick some things up. If I am with my boyfriend, it’s more like picking up 645 bags of food. They also have pup-friendly stands with bones and treats! Once we make it to MSQ Park, we get in the lonnnnng, but fast moving line for the famous Shake Shack. I get myself some cheese fries, my bf gets a burger (gluten-free of course) and P gets one of his favorite things, a Pooch-ini, this is Shake Shack’s famous doggie treat, I would say it is a FroYo for pups and P loves it.

After our bellies are full, I usually go to the Urban Eats food market and pick up a to-go Vino and we head to the dog park nearby. We always end our day with Pharrell chasing tennis balls and herding every dog that will let him.

I hope this gives our readers  some ideas of what to do with your pup in the crazy beautiful city we all get to call home.