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When I find an Instagram account I like and can relate to, I have to check it frequently to make sure I don’t miss any good stories or cute pictures! @onpoint.k9 is, by far, one of my favorite Instagram accounts to follow! Stephen Showmaker is the founder of On Point K9 and is SO on point with his IG account. **HE’S DOING A GIVEAWAY RIGHT NOW!!!** So go check it out and participate!

1) He has an adorable GSP named Brier that I’m determined to meet someday. Hopefully he’s into older women because Abbie’s into younger men. #arrangeddogmarriage

2) He has fantastic, daily training tips that everyone has time to watch.

3) He serves in the military and that means the world to me, as I have many family members who currently serve/have served. How cool is it that he trains military dogs?!! IT’S FREAKING LEGIT!

4) He lives in Utah so it was easy to meet with him! Although he and his family are moving to Oregon in March 2018. SO SAD!!! That means I only have 7 months to hook Brier up with Abbie. #pawscrossed

Okay, okay. In all seriousness. I really like and agree with Stephen’s way of training dogs (and humans). I feel like he trained me just as much as he trained Abbie and Gunner. LOL. So why do we think you should trust Stephen and his training? I mean, check out the many dog training certifications he has (DoD Military Working Dog Handler's Course, DoD Military Working Dog, Trainer/Supervisor's Course, TACDOGS Program, Norwegian Defense Cooperation Dog Handler's Course)! Someone who’s been through all those trainings has to be extremely experienced and knowledgeable (there’s no doubt he’s both of these things)!

Stephen has trained famous pups as well. Justen Glad is a professional soccer player for Real Salt Lake and his dog, Zeus, had terrible house manners before his training with On Point k9! Emmy Raney is the kicker for the Utah Falconz professional women's football team and her dog, Bo, went through On Point K9's training program. So why wouldn't these celebrities call on another celebrity dog trainer? BECAUSE ON POINT K9 IS BETTER!

On Point k9 focuses on building healthy dog/owner relationships by educating us humans. Stephen shows us how to effectively modify our dogs’ behaviors with positive reinforcement/training techniques. So, what are these “positive training methods” we always hear about?! Positive training methods don't use force or compulsion, such as choke chains, pinch collars, or e-collars. The methods that On Point K9 uses are luring and clicker training which promote clear communication (which is THE most important part of dog training!). I mean, if your dog doesn’t understand what you want, you both get frustrated, discouraged, and then who wants to do anything?!! Not me! So use positive training and reward your pup with toys, treats, ear rubs, praising them! Basically whatever your dog loves, reward him/her with that!

 You will never see Stephen train with compulsion. Does compulsion work? Yes, but there is a healthier and more humane way to train our fur babies that On Point K9 has mastered! Whether you just adopted your first pup or have a really stubborn elderly dog, you have to contact Stephen Showmaker with On Point K9!!! He is best known for his behavioral modification, understanding of dog psychology, and training for an all around great house/camping/outdoorsy dog! He does not perform aggression work, tricks, or agility. On Point K9 is here to help dog moms and dog dads deal with the very real, everyday struggles of being a pawrent. His training plans are tailored to each individual person and dog so that YOU are capable of continuing the education long after his training is complete with your pup.

 He also posts live Facebook training videos every Tuesday and Thursday! They’re really informational and easy to follow/understand. These are so great if you want to work with your dog on different training to keep them engaged and always working on something new.

Stephen has spent years learning the skills and techniques to train our companions in the most humane way possible. From training dogs in basic obedience, detection of controlled substances, cadaver dogs, aggression training and protection of resources including the President of the United States. When all other trainers around him were using compulsion training, he was using positive reinforcement training. And guess what? His dogs have always excelled over those around him, because a positive trained dog is willing to work for you! There is no fear of a correction which clears communication between you and your dog and builds a happy, healthy relationship between the two of you. Stephen’s true passion has always been the dogs and helping those that truly need it. Let him help you and your dog love training just as much as he does!  

 Training plans are custom to fit your busy life:

7 Day Board and Train Program: $1000

5 Day Custom In-Home Training Sessions: $500

1 Day Custom In-Home Training Session: $120

It all starts with a simple mouse click or touch of your phone screen! Request a consultation to start working with your fur baby on what you need and what he/she needs!

 All I had to do was fill out a short questionnaire in the "Contact Me" section and I explained exactly what I wanted from the training and which behaviors I wanted to modify. From there, Stephen contacted me via phone and he evaluated Abbie and Gunner based on my questionnaire answers. After coming up with a plan, you sign a contract and pay for the training and then the fun begins!

Stephen came to our house because I wanted to refresh Abbie and Gunner’s manners before Liam arrives in this world. I don’t want our dogs jumping on our baby or knocking me over when I first walk through the door with our infant son. I wanted to re-train them to go to their beds first time when asked because lately they’ve been testing our patience! Abbie and Gunner are good dogs… But they need some improvement. I believe that dogs should ALWAYS be trained. Just because you’ve gone through a program, doesn’t mean they’re done! Continue to work with them… forever! A trained dog is a happy dog. And happy dogs are less destructive which makes for happier pawrents. LOL.

 During our visit with Stephen, I took notes, he took notes, and we talked about ways to improve the dog/owner relationship in our house. We’ve come to the conclusion that Abbie and Gunner have too many toys and too much freedom. I’ve known this… But it’s nice to hear from a trainer instead of my husband. Haha.

 After our training session, Stephen went back and typed up a plan for us so we can continue to work with the dogs. I love that this training wasn’t a “one and done” deal. If you pay for the service, Stephen will continue working with you. He’s not just going to drop you and not answer your questions. This guy not only knows what he’s talking about when it comes to training, but he has integrity when it comes to all things business and training.

 I’m thoroughly impressed with our On Point K9 experience and HIGHLY recommend it to everyone we know! I don’t mean to compare it to the typical dog store positive training, but look at the prices?! $120 for one day of PERSONAL training or $200 for 1/hour week for 6 weeks that is NOT tailored to your dog… I mean, it’s a no-brainer! CONTACT STEPHEN TODAY!!!! Your pup will thank you with lots of snuggles, tail wags, and wet kisses.

Here are just SOME of his happy customers!

 Instagram: @onpoint.k9

Facebook: @onpointk9

Website: www.onpointk9.com