On The Road Pet


Us Gal’s as we all already know are totally obsessed with our pups. And not like just normally obsessed it's more like a we might need a little help obessed with our fur-babies. I mean, if you are reading this post you are probably just as obsessed with us and we are all on the same page here. With that being said, we love to do things that our dogs want to do, or things that we at least think they enjoy doing! In our case, all 6 of our pups are very active and LOVE being outdoors. With all 3 of us living in different parts of the county there are so many places and things for our fur-babies to do and explore. Drake being our Dallas pup loves to go to Lake Ray Hubbard on the weekend and go on long walks/runs on Katy Trail. Abbie and Gunner being out west coast lovers, love to go hiking in the mountains and explore the canyons. Pharrell, Rosiea  & Rumba being our NYC puppies love spending all day exploring Central Park, beaching it up in The Hamptons or going hiking upstate! It just amaze us that there is something for dogs do to everywhere! Of course with being outside with your pups comes a lot of safety we have to keep in mind, On The Road Pet has made that so easy for us Gals and has taken all the stress of making sure we are prepared at all times!


The Story:

On The Road Pet was founded by Laurie & Fatih in the sunny state of California! They have always been crazy dog lovers which led them to start this amazing company! Faith and Laurine wanted to give dog parents a stylish, yet practical product that provide everything you might need in case of emergencies while you are out and about with your fur-baby. They also wanted to make sure it was a great price point so more and more pet parents could have what they need at all time to keep their pups healthy and safe. The On The Road Pet isn't just for when you go on vacation with your pup or when you go on a hike up some crazy trails. It’s for everyone and everywhere. On The Road Pet can be seen everything from the street of Downtown NYC (holla Pharrell & Rosie), to the mountains in Utah with Abbie and Gunner, you can even spot them on Katy Trail in Dallas with our one and only Drake and everywhere in between!  

What's in the Pack:

These amazing packs come with everything you could ever need in case of a small boo-boo to the end of the world! Faith and Laurie have come up with everything that any #dogmom could ever need, things that we don't even know we need they have packed for us!


These amazing packs come with everything you could ever need in case of a small boo-boo to the end of the world! Faith and Laurie have come up with everything that any #dogmom could ever need, things that we don't even know we need they have packed for us!

Ripstop Nylon Bag.  Size:  17” H x 12” W.  Weight loaded: 3.1 lbs.  This ripstop nylon bag is sturdy and light to comfortably fit all of the included contents but big enough so you can throw in extras like your dog’s favorite toys and treats. Carry it as a stand-alone but it’s small enough fully loaded to fit in a larger pack.  High visibility orange with reflector strips.  Includes external mesh pockets and an internal zippered pocket to stash your dog’s meds.

Water.  5 U.S. Coast Guard approved packs of 4.225 oz. water with a five (5) year shelf life.   

1 Silicon Bowl.  Flattens for easy storage.

2 Bars of TurboPupTM (Complete K9 Meal Bars On The Go: www.TurboPup.com).  TurboPup is available in two flavors: bacon and peanut butter, either of which are included in the kit.  Each 2.2 oz. bar is nutritionally a complete meal.  TurboPUP bars have been formulated to exceed AAFCO standards for all stages of life for dogs with added vitamins, minerals and omega-3s and with 28 grams of protein. TurboPUP bars have a 1-year “best by” date and are sealed in airtight foil packaging.

Nylon Braided Slip Leash and Collar Combination.  One size fits all.  Chihuahua or Great Dane.  Seriously.  In case you find yourself without a leash or collar, this all-in-one functions as both.  6’ long.

DIY ID Tag.  Maybe you’re visiting out of town or suddenly have a temporary address.  We give you a pencil, insert and plastic tag to create a new ID tag on the fly.

Blanket.  Size: 84” x 52”.  Retains 90% of body heat and can be used as a ground cover.

Poop Bags.  3 bags.  Because…do we really have to say it?

First Aid Kit.  This first aid kit was custom designed for us by a veterinarian. Contained in a resealable, waterproof bag, it  includes an easy to understand Quick Tips First Aid & Poison Control guide and: 4 Alcohol Preps, 2 Iodine Preps, 4 Nonstick Pads, 3 Triple Antibiotic Ointment Packs, 2 Tongue Depressors for splints, 2 Nitrile Gloves, 1 2” Stretch Bandage, 1 pair Scissors, 1 Tweezers, 1 Instant Cold Compress, 1 first Aid Tape (Hypoallergenic), 2 Gauze Rolls

The pack have room for you to throw in some of your pup's favorite treats and toys as well!


Us Gal’s believe that everyone who owns a pet should have a On The Road Pet pack. It is such an easy way to ensure you pups health at all times. You can keep in your car or by your front door so you can always get to it when you are on the go. And the best thing about this is that is less that $50! That’s a night out with margaritas and guac, and we all know I could stay in a night from those extra calories! Please, please, please makes sure you check out On The Road Pet today and get yourself one of these all in one lifesavers, your pup will thank you!

On The Road Pet