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As a dog mom, one of the most challenging jobs, in my opinion, is finding the perfect food to feed your pup. A lot of people laugh at me, saying things like, “my dogs eats ‘Old Roy’ or Puppy Chow and are perfectly fine!” Ultimately getting down to the idea that dogs are NOT humans and can eat basically anything. But this simply is not true.

Call me crazy or over the top, but I put great research into the brands of food that Drake eats. Not only do I take into consideration the quality of the product but the source of the product. As crazy of a dog lady as I am, I have a true respect for all animals and believe that no matter the animal, each one has a purpose and should be treated as such. I do not want buy nor feed my dog any food that supports the inhumane treatment of animal life.

This simple yet serious idea is the entire reason why Open Farm has been a breath of fresh air! Their entire company is based around the idea of ethically sourced pet food.


Open Farms is a quickly growing business that is based out of the beautiful Toronto, Canada.


Open Farms was created because a family of animal lovers wanted pet food they could feel good about. Something that would not only satisfy their beloved animals, but also attain nutritious ingredients with quality and even better, respect! Open Farms speaks right to my heart because they truly believe in kindness and the regard for farm animal life and the positive effects, as a result, on the environment.

The Mission
… drive positive change in the pet industry with respect to farm animal welfare and sustainability, while creating much cleaner and higher quality food for dogs and cats.


Deliciousness that you can trust! The grain-free dog AND cat formulas are all together created from ingredients that are raised naturally, responsibly and most of all, humanely. When you feed your dog Open Farm pet food products you can trust that all meats are human grade and were raised without any antibiotics or growth hormones. Most importantly, you can trust that they never use any animal byproducts for any recipe. As a pet owner, these are the big questions you need to ask about the food you are purchasing, what KIND of meat am I feeding to my furbaby?





To ensure that the product they have created has the ethical background they intended, they have made the source of each ingredient 100% transparent to the pet owners who the sale to. This is a core value of theirs and one that they are constantly keeping relative. Open Farm works only with independent industries who share the same commitment to quality and ethical farming practices.

Below are a lists of standards that all of their supplier farms must abide by in order to work with Open Farm.

  • Cages, crates and tie stalls are forbidden

  • Ample space for animals to be comfortable and roam as they please

  • Enrichments to help animals better engage with each other and their environment

  • A clean resting space with proper bedding and air quality

  • Our programs have standards for outdoor and indoor systems to ensure proper care in all climatic environments



Basically, this company is the BEES KNEES! I am beyond lucky to have found Open Farm all the way from down south, and am over the moon to be able to share such a revolutionary product to all of our readers. If you are a lover of all animals and believe that each animal is warranted kindness and respect, please visit today and support a company that deserves it!





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