Original Sock Dogs - Mini Pet Replicas

What's better than having a mini you around all the time? HAVING A MINI OF YOUR PUP AROUND ALL THE TIME!!! With Original Sock Dogs, you will get an exact replica of your precious pup. You can love on it just as much and what's even better is that you don't have to bathe them, feed them, take them out to potty. They just sit there and look cute all the time! #winwin

Stacey Hsu is an illustrator, writer, plush artist, shelter volunteer, mom to 2 human kids, mom to 5 furry kids. She is the ultimate human being.

Stacey and her husband visited Taiwan in 2004. During their time there, they came upon a stray dog who was being picked on by other dogs. It broke Stacey's heart to see this sweet girl roaming the streets and unable to get food. So, she did what she could with the time she had. Stacey bought this pup a warm meal and sat with her until they had to leave for the airport. Stacey cried just thinking about her and the fact she couldn't save her - because she wanted so badly to bring her back to the US. She knew she couldn't, but in her honor, Stacey vowed to do more to help animals in her city.


   "The one I wish I could have            saved." - Stacey Hsu

   "The one I wish I could have
           saved." - Stacey Hsu

Stacey is so thorough and detailed when it comes to creating your pup's mini me. She asked for pictures from every angle to make sure she got Abbie's spots and colors exact, close up's of her collar and ID tag, and she even had me send in some of Abbie's hair!!!! I thought this was SOOO freaking cool! I took some of Abbie's luscious locks (haha) and mailed them to Stacey and she used the hair when making Abbie's replica!! #PAWESOME

I cannot tell you the excitement I tried to contain as I waited for Abbie's replica to arrive. When it finally did, I sat and cried with joy because I had a tiny little Abbie that will be around long past her years. Abbie is still so young (not even 3)! But anytime I think about her in old age, I tear up. I get SO sad. I never want to see her get old. She's my first baby!!! This Original Sock Dog replica already means so much to me, I can't even imagine what it will mean to me once Abbie's crossed the rainbow bridge. (Que the ugly crying!)


Custom Original Sock Pets:

- $184 each 

- Available for all species (dogs, cats, bunnies, goats, ferrets, you name it)!

- 100% handmade in the USA

- OSD's ship worldwide

- Each replica measures between 12"-15" from top of head to bottom of back paws

- Made from all new materials, including socks, plush (faux) fur, hypoallergenic stuffing

- Amazing, unbeatable detail on each Original Sock Dog

- Soft and floppy and go great with any decor

- Posable ears and open mouth available upon request

- Hand-sculpted noses made to look like YOUR pet's nose. Generic plastic molds are NEVER used.

Seriously... Each nose is hand crafted to look like YOUR pup's nose!!!

Your pet means the world to you. And you deserve the very best plush version of your fur kid. Original Sock Dogs capture the heart and soul of your pet. Give yourself or someone you love a very special, unforgettable gift.