Paw Print Frame

To say I love to hang crap on the walls at my apartment is an understatement. So when I get the chance at any moment to do so… someone hand me a nail and hammer ASAP! The only thing I love more than decorating is my fur-babies, Pharrell and Rosie. SOOO when I saw a framed paw print on the great site of Pinterest you better believe I was at my local Michael’s in about 10 minutes!

The best part about this DIY project is that it’s as EASY as it gets, like there is no way to mess this up! And what makes this even better is that it is AFFORDABLE! I got all I needed for this project for under $10! All you need is a frame, non-toxic and pet safe craft paint, a craft paint brush, a blank sheet of paper, paper plate and a paw!

Step 1: Take a cute pic of your pups with the supplies, just because 

Step 2: Make sure your pup’s paw is clean and ready to go!

Step 3. Pour paint on plate and then put an even coat of paint on paw with brush.

Step 4: Place paw on paper evenly, all at once, and press down, take paw off paper slowly.

Step 5: RIGHT AWAY, make sure you wash all the paint off of your pup’s paw, even though its non-toxic and pet safe, you still don’t want your fur-baby licking it off!

Step 6: Wait for it to dry and hang!

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