The Paw Wash

Living in the city is amazing. Like I really do love it, and I love it for Pharrell and Rosie as well. They get some much exercise surprisingly, long walks up Park Ave and daily trips to Central Park. Not to mention, all of the mental stimulation they get every single day with all the people that come up and want to love on them to the cars and loud noise they get to see all day, every day. They love it! But, I do have to say… there is one thing I could live without, the dirty streets of New York City that end up on all 8 paws that are making their way all over my apartment. I have spent so much money on baby wipes to use every time we come back inside from the park or walk. Then, Jesus reminded me how much he really loves me when we came across Paw Wash.

Katie Petty, the owner and inventor of Paw Wash, is my new hero. She invented this amazing product when she was only 12 years old for her 6th grade science fair! She was so sick of having to hassle to clean her pup, Sadie’s paws every time they came back inside from being out playing. Like Pharrell and Rosie, it seems that Sadie thought it was funny to make sure to get as dirty as she could get for no good reason at all before coming back in. Katie then decided to solve her problem and develop her own paw washing device, also this chick also has a patent on the Paw Wash!!! (holla)

The best thing about the Paw Wash, is how freaking easy it is to use!

Step 1

Remove the center cap that says "Lift." Fill the Paw Wash with a few drops of pet soap and  fill it with water to the fill line (make sure to leave the yellow ring on that holds the black squeegee in place).

Step 2

Insert your dog’s paw into the container to create the water bursting suction action by moving the Paw Wash up and down the paw.

Step 3

Remove the paw and see how our unique squeegee top helps keep the water droplets inside. Then just pat the paw dry with our microfiber Paw Wash mitt.

Step 4

Repeat for each dirty paw as listed above. Typically one should be able to wash all four paws with one filling.

If you have the same problem as most dog moms out there and dirty paws is a daily things, then make sure you enter to win our giveaway on Instagram this week! And if you don't win… don’t worry child, you can get your own Paw Wash at the link below! They come in both small for the little pup and large for the big fur-babies!

The Paw Wash