PAWliday Shopping Guides

Tis the season for giving, shopping and (unfortunately) stress. Trying to find that perfect present for that special someone can be the worst! BUT- this year, us Gal’s are going to make your life just a tad bit easier. We’ve gathered our favorite items to showcase the best gift ideas for any and all dogs and dog lovers in your life! Whether you’re friend is the classic #dogmom or a health nut, follow our holiday gift guide to find the the PAWfect present!

The Dog Mom, you know that one girl in your life that loves her dog more than anyone else on this planet and she wants everyone to know that she is a dog mom as well! Well, we have found some of the best gifts for that Puppy Baby Mama on you list!



1. Gal’s Best Friend Hat

2. Casetify Phone Case

3. Dog Bone Necklace

4. Dog Mom Tote

5. Pop & Suki Custom Bag

6. Puppies Make Me Happy Tank

7. Gal’s Best Friend Shirt

8. Ed By Ellen Shoes


The lux dog mom, the one that has everything. The one that you are willing to spend a little extra cash on. The one that we all wish we were! We have found some of the luxury dog loving products for the girl we all wish we were on Christmas morning! (I NEED THAT Dolca DRESS)



1. Coach Scarf

2. Thom Browne Bag

3. Dolce & Gabbana Dress

4. Kendall + Kylie Keychain

5. Neiman Marcus Dog Days Socks

6. Mr. Dog New York Glass Bowls


The Custom Dog Mom, the girl that wants everyone to see how cute AF her fur-baby is! Like, she literally wants their face everywhere, we totally understand it. We may or may not have most things on this list already!


1. HYLA F. Pillow

2. Lemon Bug Necklace

3. Tote Bag

4. Puppies Make Me Happy Custom Pants

5. Divvy Up Socks

6. Hadley Clay Custom Mug

7. Custom Converse

The Girly Dog, needs all the girly things right? We think so! No more hearing “Oh, it is a boy or a girl”. This list of Christmas goodies screams girl pup to the roof tops!



1. Dog Tag

2. Howl & Hound Bandana

3. Henri Bendel Dog Sweater

4.  Finn + Me Set

5. Bark Shop Toy

6. Beast & Babe Collar

7. The Foggy Dog Dog Bed


The Healthy Dog, for the dog lover in your life that care more about their pups health than their own! We have pulled some of our favorite products for all the healthiest pups out there! Everything from human grade dog food from Ollie, a organic waterless shampoo and ball launch to get those extra steps in.



1. Little L’s

2. My Ollie

3. PAWS paw cream

4. Kibble Pet  

5. Probiotics

6. Fitbark

7. iFetch


The Boy Dog- For the rough, tough (and probably dirty) bundle of fur in your life! These gifts are the perfect stocking stuffers and accessories to make your pooch look every bit of “boy” that they are.



1. Rar Rar Dog Bandana

2. Primal Raw Bone Marrow

3. Dog + Bone Collar and Leash

4. Ralph Lauren Polo

5. Canine Styles Sweater

6. Bark Shop Toy

7. Casper Dog Bed


The Dog Dad- For that handsome man in your life who adores dogs as much as you do. This Christmas give him the gift that showcases his best attribute... his dog! These manly items will have him kissing you under the mistletoe!


Beer Paws Hat

Dog Dad Tag

Puppies Make Me Happy American Pride & Dogs Tank

Farfetch Dog Dad AF Shirt

Animal Blue Print Company

J.Crew Boxers

Socksmith Socks

The Holiday Dog- To make sure your festive dog looks the part, you may want to open a few of these items BEFORE Christmas day! But don’t worry- your dog won’t mind the rush of unwrapping!



1. Custom Ornament  

2. Dog Stockings

3. Chewy Christmas PJs

4. Clive and Bacon Bandana  

5. Jayne Elizabeth Design Bow Ties

6. Noble Dog Christmas paper

7. Harry Barker Toy


The Playful Dog- For the dog with endless amounts of energy, this year find the gift that will keep your pup entertained for hours while you prop up those feet (tired from all of the dog walking, of course) and relax by the fire!



1. Indoor Dock Diving

2. Ellen DeGeneres Rope Toy

3. Plush Moose Toy

4. ChuckIt! Floppy Tug

5. Kong Balls

6. Strategy Feeders

7. Agility Classes


The Kids Who Love Dogs- The only thing a #dogmom loves more than her dogs are her human kids who also love their dogs! For those #crazydogkids in your life, give them new bedding, books or even shoes that are all things dogs!


1. Dog shirt from Etsy

2. Dog bed sheets

3. Dog book

4. Dog Backpack

5. Adopt a dog

6. Dog shoes

7. Dog baby mobile


No matter what kind of dog or dog lover is in your life, they deserve to be showered with gifts. Celebrate their corkiness and follow our guide to find them the perfect present for under the tree! Happy shopping!

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