PawPals With Annie!

Every time a box or any sort of package comes in the mail Pharrell and Rosie automatically assume that it is for them, and 99.9% of the time they are right. With that being said they LOVE LOVE when they get a package from PawPals With Annie! I swear, it’s like they know what it is.


With so many amazing subscription pet boxes out there, it is always so hard to choose the right one for you. I can tell you right now that PawPals With Annie is one of the best on the market. Their everyday mission is to help you enhance the bond with you dog. The thought behind launching, was to help dog owners find, try and stock up on the best quality dog products that are out there. They wanted to create a monthly delivery that would help create an amazing experience for you and your dog with awesome treats, toys and accessories.


PawPals With Annie, is based out of Miami Beach, Florida, and led by the mastermind herself, Elizabeth York. It all started with Elizabeth fell in love with her mom’s dog Annie, a blonde scottie from Savannah. She loved her so much, well, she named her company after her. Every time Elizabeth would spend time with Annie, she discovered that every time she gave her a new toy or new treat, it automatically created this meaningful experience between the two. Elizabeth had since welcomed a her new Corgi into the family, Nina.


There are 3 different options, for every #dogmom out there to pick from!

Novelty Monthly Subscription

$30 a month

Packed with 3 fine quality dog products, including a toy, treat bag, and bandana.

Sample Monthly Subscription

$20 a month

Packed with 2 fine quality dog products, including a bandana and a toy or treat bag.

Deluxe Monthly Subscription

$40 a month

Packed with 5 fine quality dog products, including dog toys, treat bags, and bandana.

PawPals With Annie takes great pride in selecting their monthly products. They have teamed up with an PAWSOME group of passionate dog lovers of all breeds and sizes to hand-select every item in your bag! They have also partnered with some of the best pet companies out there!

They next time you are looking for something to spoil your dog with make sure you check out PawPals With Annie, you will not be disappointed and your pup will be thanking you for weeks!

Megan Rose