Have you ever been on a walk with your dog and wonder if it was enough exercise for them that day? Like, was the walk long enough, did you walk fast enough, did your pup burn off that extra cookie you gave them last night after dinner? OR, have you ever been laying in bed thinking about how much you love your fur-baby and then everything bad that could ever happen to them starts running though your head?

What if they get lost, what if they sneak out of the dog park, what if someone takes them for the Dog Parker, what if you leave the door open, and so on and so on? Basically you go down that dark rabbit hole of 'what-ifs'. What if I never see them again, what if I can never find them, what if the monster that took them doesn't know that she needs her meds every morning! We have ALL been there! BUT, then we just put on a Disney movie to get back in the right mindset before cuddling up to our fur-babe for the night! Well, to all the (worry wart) fur-mamas out there, please let us be the bringers of great news, Pawscout!

Pawscout is a the SMART dog tag of all dog tags! Besides being super cute and having the ability to customize it to match you and your pups own styles, it is also super durable, lightweight and waterproof. With this dog tag, there is no way your pup is breaking it! You also have the option to attach the Pawscout tag to the collar or let it hang like a normal dog tag. I personally like mine attached, eliminating the constant jingle! The Pawscount connects to bluetooth, has a range of about 300 feet and lasts on a single battery for about 6 months. There are so many amazing features to this great products including the pet finder, the digital profile and the virtual leash! Below we have listed all them out with a little bit more information on what they do!


The Community Pet Finder alerts ALL users in your area as soon as your pup has done missing. You then get a notification as soon as your fur-baby comes within range of anyone with the Pawscout App.


The Digital profile & Medical Records, are a place where you can create a full profile of your fur-child, including photos, all of your contact information, your babes vaccinations records, any issues they have including behavioral or medical! So no need to worry about a rescue group, shelter or anyone else that picks up your dog not knowing that your dog need her or his meds every night before dinner!

Outdoor Virtual Leash, this might be my favorite thing about the Pawscout! You can set up your own virtual leash and get real time notifications when  your love decided to test his boundaries! You can set the leash for your own back and front yard, the park, or any other outdoor space! It’s perfect for me with living in the city and going out of the city all the time. We head out east to the beach as much as we can so having something where I can't set boundaries in places that neither me or by pups know that well is very well for my soul!

Another amazing feature with Pawscout is the Points of Interest! You can find and share local vers, shelters, groomers, pet friendly restaurants, bars, stores and parks! Y’all they have literally thought everything you could ever need!

If you are anything like us, and you are crazy about your fur-babe (you are reading this blog, so I’m sure we are all on the same page here) then you have to get yourself a Pawscout! And the best thing about this life changing smart tag, is that they have made it accessible to all dog moms out there! It cost $19.95, and for a custom name plate it's just an extra $9.95! I highly suggest that everyone skip a round of margaritas on Taco Tuesday and get one of these babies!