pawTree - Your Dog's New Favorite Food Topper and More

Let’s be honest with one another… You wouldn’t want to eat even your absolute favorite food every day, 2 to 3 times a day, for the rest of your life. That would be so boring, right?! SO. RIGHT. That means your precious pup would not like it either! Why should we think that they feel any different?! Well, don’t worry, puppy baby mamas. We have found the solution for you and your precious fur baby! Let us introduce you to PawTree.

PawTree is totally changing the way that pets do dinner… without the upset stomach! There are ten different seasonings to choose from. So your dog can have a different meal every single day of the week! Sensational, isn’t it?!! With PawTree food toppings, you can feel confident that your dog’s nutrition will not just help them survive, but it will help your dog thrive!

These food toppings are not just made to taste delicious for your fur baby, they are packed with nutrition to help their quality of life. PawTree takes a natural approach to your dog’s nutrition. They have a panel of veterinarians that have helped develop these amazing, complete and balanced products!

If you are a fellow shopaholic, you know that with most things in life, you get what you pay for. That’s why it’s important to provide our dogs with quality nutrition. While some brands use inexpensive fillers and poultry by-products, pawTree uses only the best ingredients. Nourishing our pups with a high-quality brand will lead to a long, healthy, vibrant life for our fur babies and less time at the vet’s office. Which ALSO ends up saving you money to pamper your pooch! Three key things affect our pet’s health—genetics, nutrition, and luck. We can’t change genetics, and we can’t do anything about luck, but we CAN help their nutrition. It’s very important to feed a proper diet and supplement as necessary.

We all know that you’re busy. Whether you work from home or work in an office, it’s difficult to get to the pet store before they close sometimes! With PawTree, their shipping makes nutrition convenient! How awesome is that?! You get to customize your box each month based on what your pup needs.

So, what if you order something that your dog ends up not really caring for? PawTree has a 100% satisfaction guarantee! Isn’t that amazing?! If your dog doesn’t like it, they’ll give your money back within 90 days of purchase! They just want us and our pups to be completely happy and satisfied. I’ll tell you, I’m a fan for life. Abbie and Gunner haven’t met a PawTree goodie they haven’t liked!

Our friend and fellow Puppy Baby Mama, Lacey, will hook you up!!! Head over to her Instagram or website to get started! Before you do, get to know her by reading her answers to our questionnaire below!


How did you get started with pawTree?

I have been a pawTree Independent Pet Pro since June 2017. I have a background in pet nutrition and found pawTree when I was trying to find solutions for my Corgi Mix Charlie Mae. She had been struggling with Chronic Ulcerative Colitis her entire life and despite diet changes and vet meds she still wasn't 100%. I found pawTree online and that they had a digestive supplement , Gastro Pro Plus-- its a probiotic, prebiotic and digestive enzyme.  I started Charlie Mae on it and1 it gave her health back! She is now in the best shape of her life at 10 years old. And I have a passion to grow my clientele and impact the lives of pets and people every day!

Tell us about your pet(s)!

Charlie Mae is my 10 year old Corgi Mix. She is a rescue dog who I saved from the E List in 2010. She is corky, full of spunk with unlimited energy and seriously a forever puppy!

Piper Rae is my 7 year old Ridgeback Mix. She is my medical alert dog and truly my sidekick in life! She is the true example of Shelter to Helper! My favorite thing was her meeting Pluto at Disney in January!

What and who influence your work?

The ability to impact the lives of pets and people in a positive way. I love helping pet parents solve problems they are experiencing with their pets.  Being able to offer a product line that is exceptional in every way truly helps. My business has always been about putting the needs of pets 1st! Helping pets THRIVE is the mission.

What is/are your fav dog brands and why?


I LOVE Lupine Leashes they are super durable and have a lifetime warranty. (Piper was a leash chewer as a baby haha). Outward Hound Puzzle Bowls are great in slowing my dogs down while eating. Kong! We stuff them with Greek Yogurt and my girls favorite pawTreats DUCK & MANGO.

What is new for Pawtree in 2019?

New Products won't be released until JULY! But we do have a really cool partnership with Smoky Mountain Service Dogs! When you purchase from pawTree you are positively impacting the lives of our Veterans and their Service Dogs. We also have a FULL LINE of products from food,toys, collars, bowls, beds and supplements.  Join the PAW CLUB and earn points for free products and become eligible for FREE SHIPPING. You can also fill out a FREE pet profile to give suggested products based on your pet’s individual needs. Charlie Mae's Favorites -  Duck & Mango PawTreats, Gastro Pro Plus, Joint Support Plus, Asian Blend PawPairings and Turkey and Brown Rice Kibble Piper Rae's Favorites - Beef Liver & Kale PawTreats, Bladder Support Plus, Joint Support Plus, OceanFish Medley PawPairings and Lamb & Lentil Kibble. Great Alternative to Bark Box because you can PICK WHAT YOU WANT and change frequency whenever you want with NO CONTRACTS or LONG TERM COMMITMENTS.

Okay, fellow puppy baby mamas! Doesn’t that all sound AMAZING?!! Now that you know her why and that she’s just like YOU! Head to her pawTree website to choose your dog’s new favorite goodies!!! Let us know which products are his/her favorite by commenting below!