Pet Gift Box Subscription

Pet Gift Box Subscription: What is more fun than getting a box of treats every month….UM nothing!!! And I love that this is a market that the dog lovers have taken over! There are so many amazing companies out there that have perfected this! One of our favorites is Pet Gift Box! One of the great things about them is that they have themed boxes! So, it makes every month special!

The whole idea started from a few friends sitting around and talking about how much they loved their pets ( I mean isn’t that what everyone always talks about ) they were talking about how much they love to spoil their furbabies, but the price of always getting the newest and best products out there was a little more than that could spare all the time. So the idea of making it easy for people to get these products once a month at a better price made perfect sense. They have a great team of pet lovers and of course pets to try out and make sure that everything they send out is PAWfect! They also have GREAT prices and free shipping!! Check out some of the boxes we have gotten!

1 month : $28.99

3 months : $23.99

6 months : $20.99

12 months : $18.99

Free Shipping

Christmas Time, we got a great box filled

with all holiday themed toys and treats! Including this Santa, that Pharrell LOVED! Like he didn’t tear one thing off of that toy, so it must be true love. He also slept with it.(I have put it away with the Christmas decor till next year, & I can’t wait to give it back to him!

SUPPPPER BOWL! Even though the Cowboys were not in the Superbowl or even the playoffs this year (the life story of a Dallas fan) we still were super excited for the commercials! And when we received our box, it was FULL with football puppy greatness! Including a doggie beer!

Make sure you check them out!

IG: @petgiftbox

Megan Rose