Pet P.L.A.Y

When it comes to dog toys in our household, the options are limitless. Pharrell and Rosie are totally obsessed with everything. But when we brought home Pet P.L.A.Y, no joke they lost their minds. They usually tear toys apart in about 2.5 minutes tops, but it's been months and these guys are still around, and when I say around I mean in full contact. It’s truly a miracle! I don’t know what it is about these toys that makes my pups love them so much, but I am all for it!

Pet P.L.A.Y isn't all about dog toys either, they have EVERYTHING! They started out in search for the perfect dog bed for their fur-baby Momo. After not finding anything that met their needs or Momo’s needs, they decided to take matters into their own hands and they crafted the perfect bed for dogs everywhere. After taking the dog bed world by storm, they took on the toy world… and crushed it.

P.L.A.Y is known for making quality dog beds with dog moms, their fur-babies and the planet in mind. Every single bed is made for maximum comfort and ergonomic support. Along with stylish and easy to care for covers that are all made from sustainable materials that are healthy for our beautiful plant. Along with the amazing bed, the toys are just as up to par! All the fun and unique plush toys are made with a durable multiple-stitch construction to keep them together longer! All of the toys are washable and safe for ALL dogs! They use AZO-free dyes and meet all USA and EU toy safety standards!

P.L.A.Y has so much to offer and everything that you get from them, you know without any doubt that it’s safe and the best quality for your fur-baby! The next time you are in the market for anything puppy, whether it's a new dog bed, a puppy blanket, or just some new toys, do yourself a favor and check out P.L.A.Y.! We promise that your pup will be forever thankful!

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