Pet Your Shirt

HOW COOL IS THIS!!!! It is basically like a diaper bag for dog moms, or at least that’s why the lady at the dog park told me yesterday! I am so obsessed with my bag by Pet Your Shirt! I take it everywhere, on flights with me, to the dog park, to central park, to EVERY park!


The amazing thing about this, is that don’t just do bags! They do shirts, sweatshirts, totes and night shirts!

If you out alot with your pup, and are also switching bags to put their water, balls, whips, treats, and whatever things you have for them, then make sure you get one of these totes, it’s my new FAVORITE things I have!


Zipped tote (this is what I have) = $34- $39

T-shirts come in all styles for women, men and dogs! = Range from $20 – $34

Night shirts = $34

They can print 1 or 1000! There is no minimum or maximum order!

Make sure you check them out and get one for yourself! You one regret it!!

IG: @petyourshirt

Megan Rose