Do you ever wonder what your dog is doing when you aren't home? Well, I do. Like every second of the day that I am not with Pharrell and Rosie, they are all I think about it haha, I know, It might be a problem, but I just worry about them, or just wonder if they are playing to sleeping or eating or doing something bad. So when I found out about PetChatz, it was like all my puppy prayers were answered.

PetChatz is a two-way interactive dog cam! They can see you and you can see them! You can send your fur-babies treats and talk to them like you are right there, no matter if you are on the other side of the world, or just down the street at Trader Joe’s. To tell the truth my pups were a little freaked out by the whole thing at first, the fact that they could see me and hear me but not touch me….kinda messed with their smart little Border Collie heads. But after a few times of using it, they are now obsessed. I will be sitting on the couch and they will just go stand by it. PetChatz is so easy for both you and your pup to use! All you have to do is download the app! Yep, that's it …. Just an app. And it takes only a few hours to teach your fur-child how to use the camera! PetChatz comes with sensory pads for the pup to smell, and treats to dispense!

Another AMAZING feature about the PetChatz is that is has a “Paw Pad”, this is where your dog can legit call you. Just imagine you are sitting in a meeting and you feel a buzz on your phone….the message says… “Pharrell and Rosie are calling you”! I mean, COME ON! Best day ever! This is the best gadget for any dog mom or dog dad out there! It is also the perfect gift for all the dog lovers in your life! If you are having some separation anxiety when away from your fur-baby, make sure you look into getting a PetChatz! It will make your days go by so much faster and you won't feel like bit in your stomach when you out of the door every morning!


PetChatz HD




PetChatz Stand