We have all been there. That moment when you are at work, out with friends, or even on a date and all you find yourself doing is thinking about you dog. What are they doing? Are they sleeping? Are the playing? Are the making a mess? No joke, these thoughts run through my head all day long, every day. I find myself thinking about it, while I should be thinking about the report I am working on, or the hot guy who is buying my dinner… but NOPE, all I am thinking about is the furry ball of love that I left at home.

If ONLY there was a way for me to be a fly on the wall in my small Upper East Side apartment! And then, PetCube entered my life. I mean, when I say this is the best thing I have ever had, it is NO JOKE! I love it so much. First off, it's cute AF, it fit in with any decor, coming in three great color black, silver and rose gold. In addition to that, it is small and just sits on the shelf without getting in the way or being any kind of eye sore. So besides being a PAWsome interactive pet camera that lets you see, talk to and play with your pup….it actually looks good!

One of the coolest features of the PetCube Play is a built-in laser! You can play with your pup anytime, get them up from sleeping while you are at work by making them chase the laser all over the apartment! There is also  2-way audio! You can talk to you pup, and do as I like to do and whisper sweet nothings to them as they are spread eagle on my couch, their kingdom. ALSO, another amazing part of PetCube is the major sound and motion notification alerts! So if you fur-baby breaks something, or God-forbid something bad is happening, you are automatically alerted! Did I mention, there is also night-vision? Yea, thats right…. When you are out at 2AM at 1Oak dancing on couches, you can take a “bathroom break”, and stalk your dog as they sleep peacefully. Not creepy at all right?


PetCube: $149.99

PetCube Play: $199.99

PetCube Bites: $249.99

You will never miss anything with the PetCube app either. When you install your camera (the easiest thing I've ever done) you also sign up for PetCube Care, which is a cloud that records your pup for you and provides you with a 30 day timeline of history. So you will NEVER miss a moment with your fur-baby!

PetCube Play is only 1 of 3 of the amazing products that PetCube has in their PAWsome line. They also offer the original Petcube which is everything we love about the PetCube Play but without the laser, perfect for more chill dogs. They Petcube Bites, which is basically the PetCube, but with TREATS!!!! That’s right make your pup do tricks and get their minds busy and then reward them with a yummy treat.  And of course the PetCube play, which I think Rosie and Pharrell would say is their favorite thing in our apartment.

If you are like me and worry about your dog every minute you are without them, then the PetCube collection is for you. No matter what product you go with, all of them are perfect! They are chic, bring your puppy stalker vibe to another level and make your fur-child feel loved every moment of the day. I highly recommend looking into getting one for yourself. They also make a great gift for any dog lover! (hint hint, puppy mamma day is coming up).

 If you suffer from Separation Anxiety from your fur-baby, then make sure to check out this link from PetCube as well!  

Get Your PetCube HERE!!!