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Metallica, Kiss, and Backstreet Boys? Wait not BSB…. sorry my mind always seems to wonder to those guys. Okay, sorry I am back now! So, if you are in a #rockerchick or like me a #wannabe and you want your pup to join in on your rocker cool fashion, then this #favfriday is for YOU! We are totally obsessed with Pet Haus and everything that they are!

The two masterminds behind Pet Haus is Matt and Mel! Matt has played in bands in New Zealand and Australia for over 20 years! In Matt’s out of control record collection you can find anything from Dead Moon and Rocky Erickson to Slayer and Dark Throne. He’s constantly got another battle jacket project on the go with an unhealthy collection patched up denim and leather vests and jackets.

Then there is Mel! She has worked in fashion for over 25 years!! With this kind a access at her fingertips her insane collection of vintage denim has its own wardrobe, including countless pairs of 70’s and 80’s faberge jeans and crazy vintage labels including her fav 1970’s mini denim shorts by “Cougar”.

Sharing Matt’s passion for music she also brings a vast knowledge of denim, fashion and vintage to the Pethaus brand.

This cool duo is based out of Collingwood Melbourne Australia….so already cooler than me. They know that it is hard to get great quality but super swag and cool gear for you fur-baby! They struggled to find anything for their pup WIllie back in the day. They wanted his gear to have as much attitude as he did, with looking great and having the quality to last!  

Lovers of all things denim, rock n roll and metal music they wanted to make WIllie a jacket to match his human dads! The jacket proved so popular around the street of Melbourne they they were soon making them for pups everywhere! You can see their dog battle jacket all over the world!

They offer everything that you need for you rocker pet! You can get a denim bandana, Like @pharrellandrosie are rocking! Or one of their other awesome rocker bandanas! They also offer cool hoodies and patches. And of course, the custom made battle jackets…. I AM OBSESSED!!!!

If you are looking to give your pup a little more “street cred” then make sure you check out Pet Haus, trust me you will be just as obsessed as we are!

Pet Haus

IG: @hellopethaus

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