Are you one of those #crazydogmoms that think that everything that goes wrong with your pup is a reason for an expensive AF trip to the vet? Yup, us too! I mean, bump on the head, bloody paw, strange color pee or poo, throw up of anything for any reason. You know name it, I am on google freaking out. I know, I know, NEVER webMD anything but sometimes I just can't help it!

Then we came across Petnostics. Besides them just automatically being amazing because they were on Shark Tank, they are truly amazing and have saved me a lot of worries and sleepless night. They started Petnostics to make healthy living easier for us pet parents! They knew that pet lovers wanted an easy to check their dogs health instantly, without having to go to a costly trip to the vet. After coming to the conclusion that is something what was needed in pet homes everywhere, they created a line of at-home urine test products. Petnostics uses the same diagnostic test strip that vets use themselves. It screens for potential health issues and monitor vertian chronic conditions.  

The best thing about Petnostics is how easy it is to use, they even offer a “pee catcher” to help with the process! First you download the Petnostics app in the app store, sign up and add all of your dog's information. Now all you do is, put on your rubber glove (I totally felt like Meridith Gray), open the cup and either just stick in the stream or use the the Urine Collector. Make sure the urine makes it to the line that shows the correct amount needed. Place the lid back on the cup and close tightly. After all you do is flip it upside down and back. Take a photo with the app, and in a short time you will get a notification with your results. Its truly so amazing and gives you such an easy. The test will show you 9 major issues that could be happening without you knowing!

If you are anything like me and worry about your fur-baby daily, then Petnostics is for you! Make sure you check them out! You can either purchase 1 test for $14.99 for a one time test, or a quarterly test of 4 for $39.99 or test monthly with a pack of 12 for $89.99! WAY cheaper than a trip to the vet!