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PetPlate is first off, human grade dog food. SO, sold. And also Pharrell and Rosie are obsessed with it. PetPlate is founded by Renaldo Webb in 2015. Renaldo went to MIT and majored in Physics, After spending over a year in pet food factories as a consultant, and seeing the process and all the ingredients being used in dog food, even the “premium dog foods” he wanted to create something better for his dog Winston.

PetPlate only uses ingredients you yourself would buy at the grocery store. All of the meal are specially formulated for dogs. Renaldo worked with vets from Cornell to help design the meals. Everything is human grade and is cooked in a local commercial kitchen alongside food brands selling around the city.

Customers get 1-2 deliveries a week of freshly cooked REAL food. All you do it go to www.petplate.coand place your orders.

There are two main meal plans:

A Daily Meal Plan- This is 14 meals a week, two devisers a week of 7 meals each.

Toppers Plan

If you are in NYC or Brooklyn you will get your meals delivered by hand. And if you are outside of the city, you will get one week of freshly cooked food shipped once a week. All meal plans are packaged for you pup by weight, to insure your fur-baby is getting everything they need and their bellies are full.



Turkey and Brown Rice

Turkey and Veggies

Beef and Brown Rice

Beef and Veggies

Lamb and Veggies

Lamb and Brown Rice

Fish and Potatoes

PetPlate’s human grade menu contains only ingredients you’d feed your family

There are grain-free, gluten-free, and hypoallergenic options

All AAFCO Balanced

Puppy Meals available on request


PetPlate has two main plans – One Full Meal Plan & One for Toppers

Prices vary by dog’s weight, but most pet owners spend less than $5 per day on our plans.

If are looking to mix up your pups food, or just try something that you know what it is, then check out PetPlate!

IG: @petplate

PetPlate’s Mission: To Educate and Empower Pet Parents to Have Healthier and Happier Pets

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