Pharrell vs. Dog Toys

Dog Toys : It’s Tuesday night after work, and I’m on my way to spin class. As I’m walking, I pass by TJMaxx & realize that I have 45 minutes to get to Union Square. I, of course, talk myself into going inside and getting Pharrell some new toys (not like he doesn’t have enough).

Pharrell is a “Toy-Inspector” which is him going to the extreme to tear apart every toy that he physically can. And I don’t mean like, tear an arm off here and an eyeball off there. No, like everything. I don’t know why I continue buying him toys when I know this will happen. I guess I think he gets joy out of doing this for some reason. But enough, is enough! After this last trip to get him new toys, I head home after my spin class and give him all SIX new toys and I’m thinking I am the best dog mom in the world, right? Well, after about 10 minutes of making dinner, I look back at P and see that 3 of the toys are now in about 372 pieces all over my living room.


After this, I went on the search for toys; Toys that P could enjoy and that I didn’t have to clean up!

Here are a few of the great toys we found! I hope this helps all you dog moms who have crazy, destructive pups like me!

goDog Dragons With Chew Guard Technology

Tuffy’s Sea Creatures Dog Toys

GoughNut Stick Green

PetSafe Busy Buddy Jack Dog Toy

Spot Dura Fused Leather Bear

Nylabone Durable Dental Dinosaur Chew Toy ECO-TUGGER

Megan Rose