Playology - Naturally Scented Dog Toys

It’s nose-urprise that dogs have mighty sniffers. But did you know that dogs have 80% fewer taste buds than humans do and 10,000x more powerful noses than humans do?! That’s right! Our puppers experience the world through scent! And, boooy, do we have a new fave dog company for them!

Playology created all-natural scented toys that dogs love. And guess what? They’re not just about scent! They really care about our doggos’ overall health and that is why they created their toys from 100% natural sources! Even at the micro-level, the encapsulation is in a natural gelatin, which means there are no harmful chemicals!

Playology’s toys come in three chop-licking, nose-sniffing, tail-wagging flavors/scents:

playology flavors

So, how do these toys work? Well, they created a toy with Encapsiscent Technology. It means that millions of micro-encapsulated scent beads are embedded directly into the material of their toys! Each scent bead is popped as your pup chews on it and that keeps the toy interesting as they chew and play! Nice thing about these scents is that they’re all natural and encapsulated by natural gelatin.

All of Playology’s toys are made of high-quality materials and available in two strengths, to appeal to all types of chewers. We can attest for the extra durable doys that last for what seems furever!

Did you know that dog toy testing standards are non-existent in the US?!! We were surprised too! Well, because of its non-existence, Playology uses the standards created for hooman children’s toys to ensure that our pups only play with safe materials. All Playology toys are tested to meet US Government safety standards for lead, phthalates, and other toxins deemed hazardous.

Similar to performance athletic wear, Playology Dri-Tech Rope toys have specially shaped fibers that wick away slobber (thank goodness because tug-of-war is my least favorite with Abbie’s slobber). And even better news, for those of you who have dogs that like to eat tous like Gunner! This toy’s fibers won’t tear into long pieces that could block your dog’s digestive tract. #saynotovetbills

You have to watch their super cute, informative, and hilarious video!

Sadly, over 50% of US dogs are overweight. But Playology toys smell so dang delicious that owners don’t have to add food to make them interesting to the doggos.

Dog toys tend to get gross after a while, so Playology toys clean up fast and easy, while the Encapsiscent Technology assures you can’t wash away the alluring scent.

It’s no surprise that these toys were a HUGE hit with the dogs AND us gals! Seeing our pups happy, makes us happy, and know that they’re getting quality, all-natural products makes it even better.

Grab your own Playology toys here on their website!

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