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We ALL know you’re throwing the best Christmas Party 2017 has ever seen! Oh, no? Well, you're DEFINITELY going to take super cute Christmas photos (yep, plural!) of your pup and show said photos to everyone you know! Whether you're throwing the parties or decking the paws with bows of holly (see what I did there?), your dog HAS to be in the cutest neckwear this time of year! Poppy Parker Market is THE place to shop for the perfect Christmas collar, bow tie, and bandanas! Deck your pup out for the howlidays AT 20% OFF?! You seriously can’t make a better decision!!! Use code “SANTAPAWS” until the end of the year! Oh, and guess what? You get FREE domestic shipping until Sunday, December 10! SO ORDER NOW!!!

I searched high and low for the absolute cuuuuutest neckwear for Christmas. I’m the latter of the two people listed above. I will be taking many, many photos of Abbie, Gunner, and Liam this Christmas, and they all need to look the part. When I first saw Poppy Parker Market on Etsy, I just about died! I LOVED the double decker bow ties, the matching collars and leashes, and the reviews are amazing! Little did I know, I’d be even more impressed with the neckwear when it arrived later that week.

Pictures don’t do justice! The pieces are art at its finest. The creativity and detailed work that goes into these is next to none! Great design with the detachable bow ties, durable fabric, and I love the design choices for Christmas!

We decided to go with the Buffalo plaid bow tie and collar set as well as the Christmas Green bow tie and collar set. I knew these two pieces would photograph beautifully together! And I wasn’t wrong! Now if I could just get Abbie and Gunner to both look attractive in the same picture… That would be a Christmas miracle!!!

Kassandra is the owner, creator, and maker of Poppy Parker Market. She’s a California mom who loves crafting, traveling, espresso hunting, hiking, pugs, and MOST of all loving their new baby boy (who recently turned one! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BUD!) I SO appreciate a mompreneur who juggles building a business and being the best mom and wife possible! I tell ya, it’s a lot harder than people realize and I LOVE supporting other women in this position!

“It's been 5 years since this adventure began under the name Dog and Bow and we are having a blast! In 2012, my husband and I came up with this fun idea for dog bow ties following a failed attempt to find the perfect purple bow ties to be adorned by the cutest pugs (Chistery and Oliver) in our wedding photo shoot since our little Lola could not be there due to her passing. My dream soon became to make affordable, simple, and adjustable bow ties for dogs that would be suitable for a backyard picnic or walking down the aisle. Only 6 short months later, I was knee deep in the Christmas rush for my bow ties!!” - Kassandra

Kassandra has loved every minute since opening her Etsy shop in 2012. It’s given her the freedom to set her own hours, be her own boss, and be creative! She says that there’s nothing more rewarding than being tagged in family or big event photos from happy customers, with the family dog posing in one of her bow ties. Well, we will be tagging her a lot because we will be lifetime supporters and purchasers of Poppy Parker Market!

Each piece is made by hand, which means custom orders are totally a thing! Message her for unique ideas you may have. She’s the gal to make your ideas come to life when it comes to fur baby neckwear!


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