Presidential Pups

It is safe to say that America has been pretty divided here lately as far as the presidential election is concerned. I know that I personally avoided the topic like the plague in fear of getting into an unnecessary and intense debate with someone. However, against all odds, today is a day where we are hopeful that all of America will come together and support our country, regardless of their choice on November 8th.

So, to ease the tension of today’s inauguration we’ve decided to take a moment to look back on some of the Presidents we’ve had in the past. Actually… more importantly, the President’s pups we’ve had in the past. Because after all, they’re what really matters!

Benjamin Harrison's pup Dash

Theodore Roosevelt and his dog Skip

Warren Harding’s dog Laddie Boy

Herbert Hoover and his precious pup King Tut

John F. Kennedy and his MANY dogs (I knew I liked him!)

Lyndon B. Johnson and his dog “him” and “her” (not pictured)


Gerald Ford and his pup Liberty

Ronald Reagan and his pup Rex

George W. Bush and his pup Barney

Barack Obama and his dog Bo

Now let's stand together and see what good Trump will bring to the White House... and by that, I mean what dog!