Pretty Kennels

If you are anything like me, or like any girl in their 20s… you are obsessed with Instagram and anything social media related. It has totally taken over our lives, not sure how much of a good or a bad thing that is. But, unfortunately, we can't live without it. My favorite accounts to follow on Instagram, well, beside the hundreds and hundreds of dogs that I follow, are interior decor accounts. I mean, like the ones where every photo is bright, airy, and makes me feel like I need to go home goods and spend all of my savings to re-do my 900 square foot Upper East Side little slice of heaven. But, then I also think... what do these people do with all of their dog’s crap? Because, of course, I am convinced that everyone has a dog! Like, do they hide all of the toys away, and fold and unfold their crates everyday for pictures? I mean, I know it's usually all just staged for the most part, but in my “insta-mind” I am convinced that this is how they live every day.

So the question again is, what do you do if you have a pup? And really, what do you do if you have a pup that NEEDS a crate? Because I know that I do not want a wire crate ANYWHERE in my house. Like not even in the basement… ya feel me? Anyways, one day I was doing my hourly scroll… and there it was Pretty Kennels. Like, no joke, I wanted to go out and adopt a puppy right then and there, so I would need a reason for a new Kennel, since Rosie and Pharrell don't use one. Y’all, I am not joking these things are too beautiful for words! Take a look!

Paige Wilson is the mastermind behind Pretty Kennels. Paige has always has Chihuahuas, and she loves then more than anything. Her “Girls” bring Paige joy every single day and in exchange for that joy, they spoiled and have now passed their mom in the best wardrobe category (my kinda dogs). Anyone that has every had “smaller” pups, know the struggle of house breaking these babes, the small bladders don't help their cause either. Paige found that crate training was the only way to get the job done. Like most of us, Paige was forced to use the typical wire crate for years and endorsing the eye sore! Paige considers herself to somewhat of design enthusiast and that wire crate was really messing with her vibe she had going on in her beautiful home. She finally had enough and started shopping online for a prettier option. There really wasn't much out there as most of us know. Paige had a vision in mind for an acrylic crate because she really loved the idea of it being transparent for pets to see through, plus it just looks cool (hello North West baby crib)! Paige started to sketched out a plan and took it to a local plastic fabricator. Together they built a prototype and the "Pretty Kennel" was born. Paige loved it so much that she wanted to share it with others as soon as she could! She then, as any smart business women would do went and  filed a patent for the transparent pet crate, bought a laser cutter and started building Pretty Kennels. Today her and her husband build them together in our workshop here in Austin Texas (#couplegoals)  

The best thing about Pretty Kennel is that it isn't just a dog crate… it's a piece of BADASS furniture. On the best things about this adorable design is that it is 100% transparent, giving not only you, but your fur-baby an unobstructed view allowing them to see everything going and feel part of the family at all times. Made of crystal clear acrylic that’s flame polished for sparkling translucent edges, the pretty kennel integrates seamlessly into any décor as it takes on the look of its surroundings. The substantial hardware happily marries form and function by adding a little sparkle and keeping your pooch secure.

Pretty Kennels currently come in 3 sizes, 3 patterns and 2 hardware finishes. The patterns that we cut are designed to be fun, playful and pretty. They are also carefully thought out so there are no sharp or pointy edges. Paws, flowers and circles work perfectly for this. Our clients can mix and match from the following options to create their own customized Pretty Kennel that’s tailored to their specific needs and taste. Below are the prices and sizes of the 3 Pretty Kennels, this isn't just a crate, it's an investment that you will have forever and for every puppy that walks into your home.

Price Grande:

dimensions 22h x22d x30w



Dimensions 18h x18d x24w



Dimensions 16dh x14d x19w


My all time favorite thing about Pretty Kennels, besides making every dog moms home look cute AF, is that they give back! Paige's vision and purpose for Pretty Kennel was not only to keep your home beautiful, but to also improve the welfare and lifestyles of your pets! Paige and her love for animals, especially dogs is what prompted this business. Pretty Kennels strives to help animals in need by partnering with various local and national non-profit animal rescue groups. Currently, Pretty Kennels are supporting Austin Pet’s Alive and The ASPCA.

If you know that gut wrenching feeling every time you look at the wire kennel that you are trying to hide in the corner (that you still see) and you want to be able to enjoy your living space and have your pup feel like they are 100% apart of it as well, they please do yourself and your pup…. And your guest a favor and check out Pretty Kennels. The Joanna Gains in you would be so proud!

Pretty Kennels