Puppy Baby Daddy -Jordan K.

The Adventure Squad. Just the name makes you want to know more, huh? Well, this trio is on an endless pursuit for adventure and they want you to follow along on their journey! Jordan Kahana was on a road trip to the Grand Canyon when he had to suddenly swerve from hitting something on the road. That thing? Two helpless, precious 9 week old pups! When he stopped and ran back to swoop them up, he realized that they were meant to be his and he was meant to be theirs. Sedona and Zeus changed Jordan’s life furever. I mean, what would you do if you found two puppies in the middle of a desert road?!

Tell us the “love story” of you and your pups!

The love story started from the moment I scooped them up off the highway. They were so little and cute! It was a clear sign that we were meant to be together.

What does the perfect day with your dogs look like?

We've had a lot of perfect days together. I'd say the ideal perfect day is waking up with the pups around 7. Dog park shenanigans in the morning. Go on an adventure, hike up a big mountain, and take in the beautiful views. To end the day, I’d skateboard with the pups at sunset on the beach.

Tell us your favorite dog product.

My favorite dog product is the headlight harness. It's a dog harness that has a light on the front which is great for night time walks and hikes, but also great for daytime outings too. We use ours often.

What do you look for in a Puppy Baby Mama?

Haha. Great question. She has to be outdoorsy and adventurous and able to keep up with me and the pups. And she absolutely has to love Sedona and Zeus.

Their Instagram is SUPER cute but in addition to following The Adventure Squad’s IG PUPdates, you HAVE to follow them on YouTube, because the videos will melt your heart!