Puppy Baby Daddy - Parker

We cannot get enough of this beautiful duo! Believe it or not, these two didn’t have the pawfect love story, which makes us love them all the more! #reallife. From their adventures at home to their adventures on the road, you will be sure to fall in love with them too! Ladies, meet Parker and YaYa!

Tell us the “love story” of you and your pup!

When I first met YaYa, she was labeled as "Un-Adoptable." The Miami Dade Animal Shelter has an app you can use to see what dogs they currently have at the shelter. After seeing about ten other dogs, YaYa was the last on my list. When they told me she was un-adoptable, I didn't understand and I persisted in finding out why. I had to get clearance from multiple supervisors just to see her. She was behind three high level security doors, it was nuts. Finally, we got to her- this tiny little dog in a giant cell, huddled up in the corner. It took her almost ten minutes, and a lot of coaxing, to come out of the cage. I was crouched against the wall when she finally came over, licked my hand, and the rest is history.

What does the perfect day with your dog look like?

2We both love to move and be outside in nature. So far, YaYa has climbed three of the highest peaks in New York State and at the beginning of June, we are going to do some more backpacking in Asheville, NC. I think the best days are yet to come. My mom has a small cabin in upstate Pennsylvania and I can't wait to take her there. Only thing is we have to be careful about bears.

Tell us your favorite dog product!

 YaYa has this bottle that folds down and doubles as a water bowl. It also has a little clip so I can hang it off my pack which is ideal for hiking. She also has this super lightweight travel kennel that has been helpful when we are staying in an unfamiliar place... although most of the time she is in bed with me.

What do you look for in a puppy baby mama?

 Someone who is kind, patient, has experience with or has their own dog, and really understands that rescue dogs can be a lot of work.   I think because YaYa is such a pretty dog; she has been adopted, abused, and sent back to the shelter multiple times when people get fed up with her insecurities. Besides that, I'd like to find someone who loves to move, loves to be outside in nature, and wants to have a family one day- a house on a lake with rescue dogs running all over the place and eventually children. Besides my mom and my sister, YaYa is the most important female in my life and she knows it. Whoever comes into my life next is going to have to win her over by being authentic and honest in their intentions with me. YaYa doesn't play no games, and I'm so busy with my own creative projects right now, that I don't either.


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