Puppy Baby Mama- Alexandra

New Year, New Puppy Baby Mamas! Last year we started this new, fun and exciting category to connect with dog moms from all of the world that both us and our followers wanted to know more about! We are so pumped to keep this going and even more pumped for our first #puppybabaymama of the year, @bellalovesbeau! Alexandra and her two frenchies reign all the way from Greece, yeah, we know cool AF already. This trio is the most stylish, adventure seeking, badass crew we have seen a long time! We had the chance to ask Alexandra some question we know you are all dying to know! See her answers below!

  How did you and your pup find each other?

Bella was a gift from my husband during a very sad period of my life. He insisted that a dog could change my life and he was so right!!!!! Dogs can heal everything! My life changed in ways I couldn’t even  imagine because of Bella. And then we adopted Beau and miracles continued to happen. JJ Beau’s first forever home couldn’t keep him . We saw him and we fell in love with this little guy. It took Bella three days to accept him but now they can’t leave without each other.

What are your top 3 favorite dog brands and why?

I love very much @bulloveandfriends so much . Penny and Mario have the most stylish things for Bella and Beau. They even design the clothes B&B wore at our wedding day . I created with them a small collection of dog  t-shirts and bandanas to give back to other dogs in need. They work hard and they love what they do so much!

I also love @barcelonadogs .Nothing motivates me more than seeing beautiful women follow their dreams and succeed. Klea is an amazing woman. Her love for dogs inspired her to create her brand.

@houndandfriends is also one of my favorite brands. So well handmade accessories. You can even find matching accessories for you and your fur baby. As I love to meet people behind the brand, Tina is another amazing woman who decided to follow her dream!

What is the perfect day date with your pup like in
your city?

I love to take long walks with Bella and Beau. There is a huge park close where we live and it is our most favorite place to visit. Bella and Beau love this place because it is safe for them to be off leash. They can run and play for hours!!!!!!

How did you build your dog's account?

I was spending the most of the day staying at home due to a health issue so Instagram it was a nice break from my stay to home routine…. And it was the best place to share my love about my fur babies. I remember that the most amazing part  was that I met people who loved their fur babies as much as I love mine. Then I realized how happy taking photos made me and I decided to study photography in order to take better photos of Bella and Beau. J The better photos I posted more people were following us…  My account nowadays is more about how a dog can change your life. Dog’s world is magical.

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