Puppy Baby Mama- Heather

It’s that time of the week again, some call it #wcw, others call it #woofcruchwednesday but we gals like to call it Puppy Baby Mama day! There are so many amazing and badass dog moms out there, that we just have to share some of our favorites with you every week, and this week it is Heather and her sweet babies Cooper + Capo, the two most beautiful Aussies you have ever seen! They live in North Carolina but are stealing hearts on Instagram world wide. We got to ask Heather some questions about her and her fur-kids. Check out her answers below!

How did you and your pup find each other?

Capo is my second aussie and we found each other because he is Cooper’s true brother! That’s right... they have the same mom and dad! We were so in love with Coop. His personality and looks... all around he is a great Aussie, so naturally when we decided to get him a sibling we wanted to try and get him a TRUE sibling. Luckily, our breeder was breeding his parents again and there were two red merles in the litter (that was our preference). We went to look at all the pups and Capo just seemed like fate! He came straight up to us. He was not timid or shy, but was always not overbearing. He is the perfect fit in our family, and we are so lucky to have him!

What are your top 3 favorite dog brands and why?

My top brands right now, in no particular order, are: Kurgo, Copper Paws, and Chewy! Kurgo because they have amazing adventure gear. I love taking the pups on hikes and Kurgo is basically my go to company when outfitting them for that. Whether it be backpacks, shoes, jackets, or even travel water bowls... they have it all! Copper Paws because they have THE CUTEST dog tags. I mean seriously... look them up. They are hand stamped copper tags that you can get designed with pretty much anything. It’s a fun way to deck out your fluffy pup when you can’t see their collars because of all that hair! Lastly, Chewy because.... well if you don’t know why then you’re missing out. It’s basically an online dog superstore for literally ANYTHING. We typically order food, treats, and toys from Chewy because they do free 2 day shipping over $50 and they have the most unbelievable prices of any company. Their customer service is the greatest I’ve ever dealt with. I promise if you shop from any of these companies, you will not be disappointed!


What is the perfect day date with your pup like in your city?

So my ideal day with the dogs would be to wake up and get them ready for the day and myself! Probably stop by my favorite Charlotte bakery (Sunflour) on the way to the dog park or our local high school practice fields. We would most likely end up meeting some of our friends, who also have dog instagrams, for a hike. My favorite local hikes would be Crowder’s Mountain State Park or the U.S. National White Water Center lake trails. Then we would probably head to our local pet boutique for self service dog baths and some delicious homemade treats, and finish the day off at Lucky Dog Bark and Brew.... because it’s a dog bar so duh! :)


What is your best advice to build social accounts?

Instagram can be tricky... especially nowadays when they are constantly changing the algorithm. My best advice would be to just have fun... post photos that you love, of your dogs having fun! It doesn’t hurt if those pictures are good quality. I’m not talking professional camera quality, but maybe just not blurry ;) Also, don’t forget to engage with your followers! That’s a big thing for me. I don’t want people to think that just because I have a lot of followers that I’m not a down to earth person... because I am! Instagram is really what you make of it, BUT at the end of the day it is a dog instagram. Don’t forget the reason you created it. Put the phone down every now and then and get out with your pups and HAVE FUN!

Who are your favorite dogs or dog moms to follow?

Hands down favorite account is @life.as.cohen. Tammy and Cohen are hilarious and ultimate GOALS! Highly suggest giving them a follow :) and my favorite dog account is @graywoof .... but then again, who doesn’t have them listed as their fav dog account!

If you don’t already follow Heather, Cooper, and Capo, please do yourself a huge instagram favor and get on it! They will give you all the feels every time they pop up on your feed! Thanks Heather for being an amazing Puppy Baby Mama!

Follow them at : @coop_and_capo