Puppy Baby Mama: Jessica

We are all guilty of it, you know what I mean… Insta stalking our favorite bloggers, dogs and dog moms! So in honor of this obsession, we wanted to start a series where we dig deeper into the lives of some of our favorite Puppy Baby Mamas out there! To kick it off, we're going to begin with, none other than, us Gals! We want y'all to really get to know us better- our pups AND our crazy dog mom lives! Starting us off we're going to head down South to take a closer look at our Dallas Blogger Jessica Gilley and her perfect pup Drizzy Drake! Below are her answers to some questions that we are all dying to know!

How did you and your pup find each other?

Drake and I had an unconventional start to our relationship. He actually wasn’t even supposed to be my dog at all, which is now crazy to even think about! Nonetheless, when Drake came into my life, I was in college at UNT and living with 3 of my girlfriends- all of which were totally engulfed into the college life, when out of the blue and definitely not on our to-do list, we ALL became dog moms. A co-worker had found a box on the side of the road with puppies in it (total cliche, right?) and asked if we wanted to come see them; Of course we did! Well, long story short- our simple and carefree college lives were transformed when responsibility hit us square in the face as we brought home the tiniest and most perfect ball of fur. Drake changed the remainder of our college years together and we learned a LOT about caring for an animal but mainly how much love a dog can bring into your life! As graduation came, and the real world started, our little “family” slowly dwindled down as girls moved away, went to grad school and got married. I knew, that Drake was meant to stay with me and I couldn't bare the thought of living without him. And so, 7 years later, we’re still together, two peas in a pod and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

What are your top 3 favorite dog brands and why?

rhonna-collage 12.jpg

I am absolutely obsessed with a lot of different companies, however there are a few that always come to my mind right away!

  • Treat Dreams- is a clothing line for dog lovers and crazy dog moms just like me. Of course their clothes are trendy and cute BUT the main reason for my love is their mission to make a difference in the rescue world with their profits. Basically, if I can combine spending money AND saving a dog... sign me up!

  • Grounds and Hounds- this company combines three things that I love most in life- coffee, dogs and rescues. Enough said. Everytime you buy a delicious cup of Joe, 20% of your purchase will be given to a rescue partner in your area. I mean, how amazing is that?

  • Kona Chips- one of the only chicken jerky dog treats that I trust 100%. With zero recalls nor negative reviews, these literally have Drake drooling the second they arrive on our front porch. The mom and pop company is very laid back and more old school when it comes to social media, and you know what- I kind of dig that.

What is the perfect day date like with your pup in your city?

We like to start by heading to Ascension Coffee in the Design District. While I enjoy a cup of coffee- Drake loves to chill out and people watch, AKA dog/squirrel watch. Next, we usually end up at Klyde Warren Park to stroll around and play in the water fountains, possibly share a snack or two and just soak up the Texas sun. Now a doggie date in Dallas wouldn’t be complete without a trip to White Rock Lake. This is where we get our exercise on and run to repent from all of the food sinning that was done earlier! And finally, since Dallas is known for the social scene, we end our date with a cold beverage amongst friends at Katy Trail Ice House followed by snuggling on the couch- possibly a little Grey’s Anatomy action. (Sigh) The perfect day.

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How did you build your dog's account?

Honestly I am not sure! I am still working on growing his account every day… I have a lot of learning left to do and definitely room to grow! BUT, my biggest takeaways from the research that I have done is to focus on the quality of my pictures. We all know that sometimes the urge to upload is hard to resist, however I am really trying to hold off until I have that “insta-worthy” picture to share. Moreover, I am working to build relationships with the followers I have and engage with them on a more personal level. At the end of the day, even if the friendships I’ve made don’t help grow my account, I have met some awesome people who love Drake and actually support me which is more than I could ever ask for!

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