Puppy Baby Mama: Katharina

We are ecstatic to introduce you to Kathi and Bella; the beautiful dog mom and pupper duo from Germany. Kathi is not only an amazing photographer, but she is such a great #puppybabymama that we just HAD to reach out and see if she’d let us feature them on GBF! We were on cloud nine when she said yes! Kathi is such a wonderful dog mom, it really shows in, no only her photos, but the wording of her IG posts. She loves Bella, despite the fact she can’t catch a ball! ;) We hope Abbie and Pharrell can meet her one day and teach her about catching balls if Bella will teach them about painting pawrtraits. Have you seen Bella’s amazing artwork?! This pup is better at painting than all of us gals combined! We love them both already and we know you will too!

How did you and your pup find each other?

When I was 13 years old my parents finally gave in after I‘ve been begging for years and we decided to adopt a dog. We went to the local shelter and as they haven’t had the fitting dog for us, they gave us the phone number of a private foster care nearby. I was so excited when my dad called them and the lady stated that they had three young dogs that were looking for their forever homes. Two of them were quite big and then there was little Bella. I never wanted a small dog, but Bella had different plans. When I entered the room she greeted me as if we knew each other for years and didn’t leave my side during our visit. When her foster mom said that she was the last one out of her litter as she has been very shy and didn’t open to anyone, it was clear that I couldn’t leave without her. She literally chose me and even though she’s quite a handful I never regretted this decision!

What are your top 3 favorite dog brands and why?

My all time favorite shop is GassiGlamour (@gassiglamour on Instagram). She makes incredibly beautiful, handmade leather dog collars and leashes, plus she’s one of the nicest persons I know!

Embark Vet made a great job with testing Bellas DNA and I‘m also quite obsessed with Ruffwear products!


What is the perfect day date with your pup like in your city?

We love hiking and going on adventures together, so the perfect day would be spent in the forest or mountains all on our own where Bella can run off leash

How did you build your dog's account?

I started my account as I needed a place to share the billions of pictures of Bella I‘ve been spamming my friends with. I was actually pretty surprised that people liked my pictures and our account started growing quickly. Never could I ever imagine how many people would follow us one day and I‘m incredibly for all the support! Instagram is definitely a huge motivation for and also pushes me out of my comfort zone concerning photography!

I don’t care how many dog mom and dog duo accounts you follow right now! You HAVE to follow @hansehund! And I mean now!