Puppy Baby Mama: Megan

You know that one person on instagram that you’re like, “I hate her! But really I just want to be her!” Yeah, that’s Megan! The ULTIMATE puppy baby mama that we all aspire to be like. Not only is her smile contagious, but so is her dog obsession. She and her pups share a special bond that emanates through their photos. She’s super stylish and so are her beloved pups. We’re obsessed with her almost as much as she’s obsessed with dogs! Relaxing beach vaca? Not for this puppy baby mama! It’s actually a mission to save some puppies from starvation! Her birthday trip to Paris last year? More like a trip to pet as many dogs as possible! Shopping spree for herself? Doubt it! Most likely the dogs’ wardrobe grows just as fast, if not faster, than hers does. What about that refreshing cab ride in the New York City Summer? Def not! The pups want to stick their head out of the window, so that’s how it’s going to be. This puppy baby mama knows what she’s doing and we all need to take a back seat!

How did you and your pup find each other?


I moved to New York City 5 years ago leaving 4 dogs behind in Dallas. After almost two years in the city with no pup, I started to get the itch. I ran into a women in Central Park, who had Border Collie puppies and it was a done deal. I went right over there and knew that the little white face pup with dots on his face was my new main man. After having P, for a little of a year we wanted to get him a friend, and we wanted another Border Collie. Finding a BC to adopt in New York City is harder that I thought, and no one wanted to adopt out a high energy breed to a young girl that already had a Border Collie in NYC. After weeks of looking and reaching out to people, someone posted a 6 month red merle BC on Facebook who was given up by her family in upstate New York. The next morning, we rented a car, drove 5 hours and picked up the newest member to our family! Then comes, Rumba. About 9 months ago, we went on vacation to the Dominican Republic. After a few hours of being there we were walking on the beach and I spotted a dog laying in the sand. I automatically fell in love with her. After sneaking her food and water for a few days we learned more about her story from the locals, that she had been on the beach for a little over a year and the resorts up and down the beaches had tried to poison her along with other stray dogs. We knew right then that we were not leaving without here. After days and days of working with local rescues we finally got Rumba and another pup, Papi off the beach, to the vet and into a shelter. Three weeks later, they arrived in New York City. Papi was adopted right away by a friend of mine and Rumba is now part of our family FURever! 

What are your top 3 favorite dog brands and why?

  1. Bark Toys, my fur-babies LOVE the Bark toys, they love everything about them! And the best thing is that they last, they take a good amount of time to destroy and some of them even have a toy waiting for them inside! I also love how creative Bark is with their toy, they are so funny and make perfect sense for dog lovers and their fur-babes!

  2. My Ollie, I can not stress enough how much I love Ollie. I love how they and other brands like The Farmers Dog, Nom Nom Now and PetPlate are changing the pet food industry for the good. If you are not feeding you pup a human-grade or raw diet, I highly suggest watching the documentary Pet Fooled and doing some major research on the kibble you are giving you babes! I was blown away when I learned what I had been giving my dogs before I knew about Ollie and these other amazing brands.

  3. Canine Styles, having big-ish pups is always hard when you are looking for sweaters and coats for them that are good quality and stylish. That is why I love Canine Styles, they have the best stuff for all sizes pups and is a New York staple!

What is the perfect day date with your pup like in your city?

The perfect day for me and the pups is waking up around 9ish, having breakfast together of course, then heading out for the day. Now that we live in Brooklyn, our day starts with a walk from Clinton Hill to the Fort Greene Park, where we play with the chuck it for a bit. Then we take about a 20 minute walk to the Brooklyn Bridge park. There is a great dog park right there that is HUGE, we would run around for a good 45 minutes then head over to the water. After stopping a Shake Shack for a pup ice cream then we would just walk the water, take some pictures of course and then take the walk home. When we get home, we would eat again, put on our comfys and watch movies and cuddle all night long!

How did you build your dog's account?


To be honest I had no idea that their account would become what it is today. I stared it to just not fill my feed with pictures of Pharrell when he was a puppy then overnight he had over 1K followers! People LOVE to follow dogs on insta, and I can’t blame them! I would say the most important thing about growing your Instagram is the quality of photos you post. The better the photo the more likely people will want to join you on your journey. I would also say being real and letting people see the real you and your relationship with your pups is key. Making your followers really feel like friends goes along way!

To follow along with our New York City blogger Megan and her pack make sure you check them out at their accounts below!