Puppy Neck Candy Collars

What’s better than getting a new necklace, bracelet or ring? Pretty much nothing, it automatically changes your wardrobe and it’s the best feeling ever if you ask me! And that should be the same with our pups, why have on the same collar everyday, every week, every month! It’s like wearing the same yoga pants, 6 nights in a row, boring! ( I might be on night 7 right now) Anyways, back to the pups, changing up their collars is really for us, but i love looking down and seeing a new collar on Pharrell’s neck every few weeks, don’t get me wrong, he doesn’t get a new collar every few weeks, we have a rotation, we aren’t ballers like that! I love getting the chance to switch it up for him and his cute little neck! We have pulled a few of the our favorite collars from some amazing companies that have so many options to pick from, so make sure you check them all out!