Puppy Riot

When my boyfriend ask me why the dogs have so many bandanas, first I roll my eyes, and I say why do you have many pairs of the same exact over price sneakers….and then the conversation is over. Pharrell, Rosie & I win. I mean, they are Border Collies, bandanas are like a must… I cant get them sheep, so we settle with a great collection on bandanas. We also love being the most swagged out pup this side of Park Avenue. With all that being said, I have found a new great bandana company!!!! Puppy Riot, is a fantastic shop on Etsy that has a great selection of bandanas for your fur-babies! They have traditional bandana, (which we LOVE), along with collars, and flower collars!

Puppy Riot was started by Heather out of Dartmouth, Canada! Heather is in the fine arts and has worked as an artist, as well as, a scenic artist for the film industry for 18 years…. Also know a #girlboss.

Puppy Riot grew out of Heather’s search to find the perfect collar for her fur-baby, Ida Mae. She has a hard time find just the right one, so she decided to embark on trying to make her own. The artist in her saw so many possibilities! Heather found that she could explore the same things in dog collars that inspired her own personal art work. Having a love for color, texture, design and pattern has what has made Puppy Riot so great!

Heather's love of dogs comes from her sweet baby, Ida Mae! She is a 3 year old Valley Bulldog (English Bulldog/Boxer Mix). Ida Mae, is Heather’s first pup as an adult. Her enthusiasm and love for live is inspiring, Heather says. There isn't a person or animal that Heather has induced her to that she did like!

If you are looking for a new collar or just a new bandana for your pup, make sure you check out Puppy Riot!!


IG: @puppyriotdesigns