Puppy Themed Christmas Cards

It’s Christmas time y’all!!! And, if you are anything like me and get a little sick every time you get a Christmas card in the mail from EVERYONE you know of them with their new husband, or with their new baby, or with their new husband and new baby, I am over here just polishing off a bottle of wine, swiping left on Tinder wondering where my life is going and what everyone is thinking as another December goes by with no Christmas card from me. Well, NO need to worry! You dog to the rescue! That’s right, you might not have a man, you might not have a baby, but you have something that loves you more than anyone and doesn’t care what you get them for Christmas, or judge you on how early you put your tree up or the fact that you don’t take it down till St. Patties!

So this year, you send your Christmas cards out and you send them with your fur-baby front in center!!! And for all the #dogmoms out there that also have a hot #dogdad in their lifes of a human baby then we have some awesome cards for you as well! Check out these PAWfect Christmas and Holiday cards!




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