Puppy Baby Daddy- Ryan

So, we know that all you gals are loving this new series “Puppy Baby Daddies”! I mean, who doesn't love hot guys with puppies?! Does it get any better than that? Yes, yes it does. We are now adding Aussie accents into the mix! Ahem. You are welcome! Meet Ryan, the Puppy Baby Daddy of Australia! Y’all, first off, how cute is he???? We know, we know, so cute! But it doesn't stop with that. He has such a big heart and has made it his mission to help and rescue as many pups as he can. Ryan is a full-time animal welfare inspector with the RSPCA and in his free time, he volunteers and fosters doggies in need. We got the chance to ask Ryan some questions that you are all dying to know! Please read the following with a sexy Australian accent!


Tell us the “love story” of you and your pups! 

The love story of Goose and Ryan begins with me living in a remote indigenous community.  It was a very remote part of Australia and I needed a best friend to come on fishing trips. Goose came along and we've been inseparable ever since. I'd say he is one of the most well travelled dog in Australia, having lived and worked with me in various different states and islands of Australia. We do absolutely everything together and live for weekend adventures. He's a great dog, best friend, foster brother, friend to the animals and everyone who meets him falls in love with him just as much as I am.


What does the perfect day with your dogs look like?

The PERFECT day with my dog includes waking up in our swags in a remote location near the ocean. Breakfast cooked on the open fire followed by a morning surf or fish, he's really good at both. We'd adventure throughout the day, spending time doing things that I know he enjoys; such as destroying tennis balls in the sand and swimming for hours and hours on end (swear he's part fish). Afternoon spent in the boat followed by some more swimming/surfing/fishing and spend sunset watching the sun go down whilst cooking up some fish on the campfire for tea. Then kick back and watch the shooting stars at night until we fall asleep by the fire, ready to wake up and do it all again the following day.

Tell us your favorite dog product.

My favriote dog product would have to be the KONG. It is the ONLY toy Goose cannot destroy. Because its hot here down under most of the year, I like to fill it up with smashed banana and other healthy treats and then freeze it for him to tackle during the day whilst I'm at work.

What do you look for in a Puppy Baby Mama?

If Goose had a Puppy baby mama; first and foremost, Goose would have to approve however, he's a bit of a ladies man(dog) so I'm sure that wouldn't be an issue haha. Dog lover is a MUST.  Someone who enjoys doing the same things and he and I do of a weekend. Bonus points if they have their own dog too. Having said that, it would take a very special person for me to consider them being the mother of my dog. Is she out there?

(Yes, Ryan she is out there…..AKA could possibly be me or any other gal reading this! We will be sure to take resumes and send them your way!)

Y’all, isn't he a doll? The total dog daddy package this one! Make sure to follow along for Ryan and Goose’s adventures at @aussiedogguy!