Puppy Cake

Let them eat cake!!!! That’s right, let your puppies eat cake! I love sweets and if I am honest, I love anything that will make me fat, what can I do? And as I get to enjoy the greater things in life I want my puppies to be able to too! And Puppy Cake has made that possible for me and all #dogmoms alike.

Puppy Cake from the great mind of Kelly Costello, Kelly is the owner and founder of Puppy Cake. She came up with the amazing idea when she was looking a some old cake mix ads, and started to think how great it would be if there was something like this for dog, because well, people love their dogs. After a ton of research and recipes Puppy Cake was born!


Puppy Cake provides a healthy and satisfying treat for dogs and a fun experience for both them and their human. Kelly uses only human grade and natural ingredients in each and every one of their products, because they believe that Puppy Cake is held to a higher standard. Everything that Puppy Cake has is so easy to make, like my boyfriend can do it no help at all! It makes it to easy to give your fur-baby everything, that they want!

Pharrell and Rosie are totally obsessed with everything that Puppy Cake has to offer! They lose their minds when they see my pull an ice cream out of the freezer, I mean they act like I never do anything nice for them till that moment. I also love just being able to sit on my couch have a pint of ice cream and being able to give each of them their own…so they leave me the heck alone and let me enjoy my CakeBatter from Halo Top! (holla Halo)


Puppy Cake offers so many amazing products such as Puppy Scoops Ice Cream Mix, Puptato Chips, Carob Chip Cookie Mix, Puppy Chillerz, Pumpkin Cake Mix and Holiday Cookie mix with a bone shaped cookie cutter..

The next time you are feeling like you need to make the cake mix, not to back to lick the bowl. Make sure your pup can join in on the fun! Check out Puppy Cake, and stock up! The prices are great, so it makes it so easy to tell your pup that you love them!


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