Ram's Dog Food

I love finding new foods for the pups! And I love it even more when they are 100% healthy and I know exactly what is going in them. Rams Dog Food has caught my eye and my pups taste buds of course!

Rams Dog Food believes in not cutting corners for the sake of profit.  They use the highest quality ingredients, which would be familiar to anyone who shops at the market.  The same meat and veggies, as you would buy for yourself and your family, are used in Rams Dog Food.  If you cook for your dog or would like to start, Rams Dog Food is already a complete and balanced diet for your canine.  It provides your dog with everything it needs for a healthy diet.  

Their formulas, if you’ve noticed, have the fewest number of ingredients than any other complete dog food.  They know that meat is a vital ingredient for canines and do not skimp on this.  There are no fillers or ingredient splitting, (ingredient splitting is when multiple similar ingredients are added in order for meat to be listed as the first ingredient.)  Some dog food companies claim that added vitamins & minerals are a good thing, but all dog food is required to meet the same nutrient profile as stated by the AAFCO.  Rams believes that vitamins are most beneficial when they are from whole foods rather than added.  The few vitamins that we do add to ensure balance, are human grade.  This results in a better tasting food for your dog.

Rams Dog Food does not bend to the marketing trends.  They choose our ingredients based on quality and nutritional value.

Rams is the truly limited ingredient diet on the puppy market today! Their meals have less than 9 ingredients total and are complete and balanced by AAFCO standards. Rams belief is that dogs need natural, fresh ingredients and nutrients that come from whole ingredients. They want to make dogs happy and healthy, this is why they don’t skip out on pup’s favorite part of meals… the meat! Protein levels from meat are great for dogs with diabetes, liver or kidney issues.  There are no sneaky ingredients splitting and every ingredients has a specific function. Rams also helps to treat and heal itchy skin, hot spots, hair loss, tear strains, digestive issues, along with improving muscle tone, energy and behavior!

I mean, if all of the above doesn’t entice you to even take a look at Rams Dog Food….. Then read it again!


Original Recipe, the one that started it all. It’s their #1 best seller!

Certified organic grass fed beef         

Organic GMO free whole grain cornmeal       

Organic chicken liver                             

Organic sweet potatoes                       

Kosher calcium phosphate                   

Organic dried thyme                             

Kosher salt                                             

Chelated zinc amino acid complex       

Chelated iron amino acid complex

Turkey Recipe, single protein formula

Excellent for dogs with allergies and sensitivities

USDA Grade A turkey

Organic millet     

Organic sweet potatoes

Organic kale

Nutritional yeast

Lecithin granules

Kosher calcium phosphate